Cherokee Painter and Storyteller
Art Exhibition: April 24-May 23, 2004
Opening Reception: April 24, 8pm

Meet The Artist: May 22nd, 3-5pm. With Donna Green.

Edwin George is a resident of Kent, Ohio. Born in North Carolina and raised in a log cabin, Edwin came to this area in the 1980's and worked as a custodian for Kent State University before he retired 5 years ago. Edwin is a full blooded Cherokee Native. He's 70 years old and spends much of his time teaching and painting. His work is of immense cultural, historical and educational value as he depicts the language and customs of his tribe, whereas many of the younger generations are unaware of these customs.

Currently his work is on exhibit at The North Water Street Gallery. This event offers a rare glimpse into a the language and customs of a people whose numbers are few but whose knowledge is vast.