Congratulations to Matt Ford and PJ Doran of Buda Kid Collective for submitting the winning film in our 1st Standing Rock Short Film Festival. The film is called "What Grows from the Ashes of this Garden". It's a documentary that tells the story of "The Temple of Lost Love" of an inner city art project started by Cleveland artist Frank Green that has spanned more than a decade. Congratulations also to Andrei Bakhurin for "God Hates a Coward", an incredible piece of animation that was a very close runner-up. Thanks to Richard Myers for offering his knowledge and experience to the festival and all who participated. We were so impressed by the response and the audience that we'll be doing another one next year. In the meantime, check back for more film events throughout the year.f

Submissions and descriptions of films for this event:

God Hates a Coward (2½ min.) Ivan Backhurin

Ivan is a filmmaker who lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. This dark, surreal animation piece asks the following question: “Why make animation about action heroes or cute little talking animals when you can make animation about evil, psychosexual nightmares that involve strange, mutated fish?”

The Break-Up (5 min.) Russel O’Brian and Christina Grozile

This film is a fun little story about modern relationships. It helps to explain why there are so many therapists in our society.

Trigger Mortis (4 min.) Tom Buckler, John Hay, Paul Hay, and J. Patrick Rigney

This is the only film in our festival that was written, edited, and shot entirely by high school students! It seems that most high school filmmakers make crime dramas that involve long chase scenes. This film is no exception. We loved it, though, because “Trigger” mixes these elements with a wonderful, over-the-top soundtrack that pushes the drama to new heights!

One Way Rider (5 min.) Joel Jacobson

“One Way Rider” is a short music video featuring one of the area’s most promising roots music acts as seen by one of the area’s most promising video artists.

Hyacinth at the Beach (10 min.) Fredrick John Kluth

This film was the subject of much debate among the Standing Rock staff. It is a narrated tale that is illustrated with a series of paintings and dioramas. The story is about a teenage girl who tries to learn about ancient Greek culture by getting naked over and over again for no apparent reason. Parts of the story are told with the use of anatomically correct Barbie Dolls. Is this an educational film about ancient Greek culture, an experiment in surrealism, or a desperate cry for help? Perhaps it is all three. Destined to be a cult classic!

Two of a Kind (3½ min.) William A. Alexander

William Alexander is the one-man-band of filmmaking. He played all three characters in this film. In fact, he did everything in this film (be sure to read the credits on this one). This is the only film in the festival that tells its story without the use of dialogue or music.

Eyes (5½ min.) Gary Leidy

This is a surreal music video with a 1980s aesthetic.

Hybrids (7 min.) Cindy Penter

This is an abstract film that combines images of spring and renewal with images of war and destruction. It is a music video for the local multi-cultural group, Pointless Orchestra. Cindy Penter is an established filmmaker and film educator in Northeast Ohio.

Smash the Kitty (15 min.) Brian David Cange

“Smash the Kitty” is a morally corrupt story about the decline of journalism (or, perhaps, of the entire Western civilization). It mixes dark humor and a cynical attitude with an absurdly happy soundtrack. This film has something to offend everyone.

The Escalator! (6 min.) Last Call Cleveland

This film tells the harrowing tale of three strangers who get trapped on an escalator. Watch as they courageously band together to face this hardship together. These lovable characters prove once and for all that anything is possible when you have friendship, determination, and a steady supply of bad dialogue. “Escalator!” is a film by the comedy group Last Call Cleveland.

Hillbilly IDOL, The Art Of Making Music (14 min.) Dale Galgozy, John Galgozy, and Ann Trupo

This is a classic un-narrated documentary about the legendary country/roots group, “Hillbilly IDOL”. The filmmakers effectively use this medium to show the creative process that the group puts into developing a piece of music before they actually perform it on stage.

What Grows in the Ashes of This Garden? (13 min.) P.J. Doran/Buda Kid Collective

A group or artists started displaying their work and performing events under a bridge in downtown Cleveland. The space continued to attract artists for over a decade. This documentary tells the story of this anarchistic public art space.

John Fulton Bastard (18 min.) J.D. Panyko and John Fulton

This is an unhappy tale about a self-described existentialist hacker-in-training that fights for Free [as in Freedom] Software at the University he works for only to be challenged by a soulless co-worker bent on marketing the latest proprietary version.

Charitoo (10 min.) Christine Gorbach and Gary Lee Nelson

“Charitoo” explores the idealization of women in religion with an impressive array of digitally modified images. Equal to the visual imagery is an electronic music score that puts religious music and songs about women and puts them through similar digital modifications.

Day off the Dead (15 mins.) Lee Lanier and Jeffrey Dates

Since The Standing Rock Short Film Festival is taking place on The Day of The Dead, this film seemed to be a prefect fit for us. It is a series of short animated vignettes that give us some insight into what dead people do with their free time. Don’t worry; this film includes subtitles in Spanish!