The poet for the month for October 2003 is Daniel Thompson, poet laureate of Cuyahoga County and author of two books of poetry, Famous In The Neighborhood, (Burning Press) and Even the Broken Letters of the Heart Spell Earth, (Bottom Dog Press). Daniel¹s three CD¹s are Genetic Memory, with Sam Phillips; Beachland and Under the Map of The World Where I Sleep. He is a present force, an enduring voice, a beloved figure in the poetry of this place and time, a freedom rider.


Again you're returning
To the haunts of the lonely
The broken, on the childhood
Side of town. Read the signs
Till another deserves one good turn
Forgetting nothing, exit on the off chance
You may leap from your car in ecstasy
Hunger after light, divine for water
Turning over the heart¹s new leaf
To the dark music inside
Night coming on quickly, listen
If you were homeless, you¹d be home now.

Daniel Thompson