"BEAUTIFUL MUTANTS" August 19th - September 17th

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Images from the opening.

Mark Mothersbaugh is a founding member of DEVO. Mark's Beautiful Mutants have been touring the world the past two years. The Beautiful Mutants are antique photographs that Mark manipulates to provide an effect similar to the symmetry found in a Rorschach Test.

Beautiful Mutants online:


Images pulled from man's past,
then corrected into sickeningly beautiful beings.

Photo manipulations & illustrations, Archival Prints, Photos, Originals.
Mark's love of art started early in his childhood, just after it was discovered that he was extremely nearsighted and legally blind.

His first correctional glasses offered Mark a new view of the world, inspiring his obsession with imagery and illustrations. His first works, which he began creating in the late 1960's and into the 70's, consisted of many different mediums, including rubber stamp designs, ink illustrations, screen printing, decals, and mail art. He participated in local showings, and received recognition for his work in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

Now Mark will embark on his BEAUTIFUL MUTANTS tour in
2005, which will showcase his photographic symmetrical
creations and 'corrected' imagery. See you there...

Mark Mothersbaugh Art Statement


Rorschach's patterns, though abstract, suggest different visual images to each person who views them, and each interpretation is correct. Objects in this world are what they are to you because of how you happen to see them.

People are all hiding something. Many know exactly what that is, while most probably have no idea. Our asymmetrical exterior hides the true contents in each of us.

Aztec Indians built gigantic kaleidoscopic pyramids that focused light from the sun through complex polished silver mirrors that reflected and flipped images of humans onto walls, giving rise to the celebration of a quest for true symmetry in their lives.

In the 18oo's, people would flirt with these ideas and play parlor games with signatures, paper cuttings, etc. It was in the early 1900's that Rorschach and other psychiatrists developed theories and medieval practices (inverted as it turned out) based on their intuitive hunches regarding the symmetry and internal workings of man. Humans, great pretenders to bi-lateral symmetry, are in actuality, closer to potatoes in their lack of precise symmetry.

A closer look reveals what is truly inside the people around us.

The photographs in this show were corrected in order to examine those who have walked the planet before us. Theoretically symmetrical in generalities, the subtle potatoe-like qualities of the human form allow the tenants of those bodies to hide within their asymmetric muddiness.

These corrected photographic images allow the true tenant of these human faces and figures to be flushed out and viewed without the disguise that we all so expertly hide behind.

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