"The Art of Dr. Jon Sally" Art Exhibition

September 24, 8-11pm - show runs through October 23rd.

Images from the opening.

About the Artist:

Dr. Jon H. Sally was born February 21st, 1935, in the middle of The Great Depression at Robinson Memorial Hospital in Ravenna, Ohio.

His interest in art began in Miss Hutt¹s grade school class. The young artist had his own ideas and was unable to follow the teacher¹s vision of how one should color. Consequently, he spent most of his second grade with his head down on the desk, as punishment for his failure to conform. Perhaps this is what delayed his appreciation of art until he was a senior at Kent State University High School. His art teacher, Mr. Bertolini, believed believed in nurturing budding talent and encouraged Jon to try painting, sculpture, and other forms of artistic expression.

During his years at college and medical school, creating art became an outlet for releving stress. He continued to paint as a release during his entire career as a physician. He took adult art classes at The Jack Richards Studio in Cuyahoga Falls and ceramics at Kent State University.

Now that he has retired, he continues to take pleasure in painting. He also does wood carving and portraiture, but painting is his first love and greatest pleasure.