The Women's Art Recognition Movement (WARM)

"Implosion" WARM Art Exhibition March 12th to April 3rd
Opening Reception Saturday, March 12th

North Water Street Gallery, 257 N. Water St., Kent

CONTACT: Cheryl at 330-688-5210

W.A.R.M. (the Womens Art Recognition Movement) implodes into North Water Street Gallery with an member's international group exhibit, March 12th to April 3rd. Opening reception is Saturday, March 12th at 8pm.
Participating artists include: Laura Barrett * Claudia Berlinski * Breanna Boulton * April DeBord * Debra DeGregorio * Mike Hovancsek * Catherine Marche * Mary K. Mosher * Elaine Nimmo * K. Rae * Lisa Thornton * Cheryl Townsend * Nikia Vogel

Both WARM and Standing Rock Cultural Arts are nonprofit organizations serving the creativity of NE Ohio and beyond.

4975 Comanche Trail

Stow, OH 44224

Images from the opening