"Unearthed" Art Exhibition - an art installation of Art by Survivors of Abuse featuring Debra Degregorio

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 9th, 8pm. Show runs through April 16th.

Images from the opening...


Artist's Statement:
I am an Akron artist who is a victim/ survivor of sexual abuse. I am creating an installation art piece titled Unearthed at the North Water Street Gallery in Kent, OH, for the week of April 9th. It deals with the struggle a victim/survivor may have in communicating her experience, or in feeling understood, and the wholeness that can result when communication and understanding are achieved. I plan on making a simple mural based on that idea. Also in the space will be some living plants floating in water in glass bowls, so you can see their roots for a time along with their stems; their roots being like the parts of our minds and experiences that are usually operating unseen, and yet creating much of our growth (see where I'm heading with this?).

I would also like to include, lying out on a few pedestals, some written pieces by other victim/ survivors of sexual abuse. These can be completely anonymous if the writer prefer, and could be of any length at all.

My email address is ddegregorio@hotmail.com and my phone number is (330) 762-0335. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for any further information. Any response or thoughts at all would be appreciated, honored and unaltered.