Wisdom of the Elders - an afternoon with two Elders of the Ojibway Nation offering wisdom in the areas of Ojibway traditions, healing, and the relationship between humans and nature. April 3rd, 1-5pm at the North Water Street Gallery, 257 N. Water St., Kent, OH

Standing Rock Cultural Arts is proud to present an afternoon with George and John Brown, they are Ojibway elders from the Three Rivers Band of the Seul Lac Nation in Ontario. These Native American elders will speak on healing, their history, sweat lodges, naming ceremonies and many other subjects that all will find interesting. There will also be a question and answer session at the end of their talk.


Images from this event.

George and John Brown are Ojibway elders from the Three Rivers Band of the Seul Lac Nation in Ontario. They are Golden Eagle Clan which is the clan that works most closely with the Spirits. From this clan the spiritual Leaders of the community were born.

They are brothers who were raised in the bush in Ontario. Their education came from their father, mother and elders. They lived a life of hunting, trapping, fishing and gathering. Their days were spent paying attention to the seasons and what had to be taken care of in each moment in order to survive. The trees, plants stones provided medicines for them when they were sick.

Living close to nature they developed a respect for and a
relationship with all living things, which is the traditional way. The medicines they share with us are medicines for the Spirit, and these medicines come in many forms. Songs, teachings, jokes, sweat lodge, Pow Wow, their drums and their presence in our lives all bring healing to tired bodies and Spirits.

Being with elders who know who they are, where they came from and where they are going gives us a rare opportunity to experience a life well lived. Spending time with and learning of a lifestyle so different than ours provides us the opportunity to expand the way that we view life's possibilities.