"A Delightful Dedication" Downtown Art Celebration

Sunday, October 16th, 2-5pm at 257 N. Water St. in Downtown Kent, OH

A Free official gathering to honor the City of Kent

CLICK HERE for images from the Mural Project.

We've recently been informed that there will be a delegation from Cherokee, North Carolina attending the festivities. Marie Junaluska, Wolf Clan representative of The Eastern Band Cherokee Tribal Council, will be here for three days with her husband.

Dale Bryner, director of The Earth Arts School in Ithaca, will also be attending.

And there will be Native Flute music by Billy Crowbeak who carves his own instruments into animal figures. Lots of food, music, fine art, and good spirits. Hope you can make it.

- Edwin George will sign the mural, "Love" recently painted at 237 N. Water St., in downtown Kent.
- Art Educator Dona Greene will speak on the importance of cultural arts in our communities.
- Native American music and food.
- Mask Making for Children with Cheryl Walker
- Halloween Workshop for Adults with Vince Packard
- and more TBA

- Event takes place at the yard next to The North Water Street Gallery.
- activities will move inside the gallery and surrounding studios if it rains.

Standing Rock Cultural Arts would like to welcome one and all to this Special Event that celebrates a Renaissance occurring on the north side of Downtown. Thanks to Steve Balazs, owner of several properties on North Water Street, art is blossoming here. In recent months, creativity has flourished in the area.

First, a mural has been created with the help of muralist, Crystal Birns, to beautify the northern entrance to the city.

Second, Kent State University's "Downtown Gallery" (formerly Gallery 138) has moved into 227 N. Water St. and is now open for artists and art lovers.

Third, a record store, Turnup Records, took over the other side of 257 N. Water Street in August and is now offering new and used records. Scott Davidson buys, sells, and trades here next to the North Water Street Gallery.

Fourth, The Electric Cafe Company (ECC) opened its doors across the street at 256 N. Water Street last winter, and is offering independent musicians a place to perform 6 nights a week. Visual and video artists are welcome as well.

And lastly, the North Water Street Gallery, home to Standing Rock Cultural Arts, continues operating at 257 N. Water St. into its thirteenth year, offering a full range of activities ranging from national art exhibitions (Mark Mothersbaugh) to celebrations of local artists such as Dr. Jon H. Sally and composer Halim El-Dabh.

Standing Rock Cultural Arts believes the arts are vital to healthy community, educationally, culturally, and economically. Please join us for the food, music, and general merriment.