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Thanks to everyone who made it out to see The Standing Rock International Short Film and Video Festival! We were extremely pleased by our huge audience turnout and by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received. It is impressive to get such a strong and sustained response for an art event in a small Midwestern town.

We had a lot of great films to share, including our People's Choice award winner, "The Lyre of Orpheus," which was submitted to us by Drew Hood and Andrew Zimbleman. This piece is a music video for a Nick Cave song. The film touches on both the darkness and the humor of the song and it inspired both laughter and hearty applause from our audience.

We were thrilled to include two wonderfully playful animation pieces by Darcy Prendergast of Australia. Darcy's hand-drawn piece "Repugnant" won second place. It's a fun piece about a green monster who is annoyed by the noise of the modern world. His other film, "Off the Rails," won third place. It's a claymation piece that took over a year to make! It was a series of hilarious character sketches on four charmingly hopeless men who found themselves sitting together on a train. Jeff and I (and our audience) liked Darcy's films so much we are considering him to be the Featured Artist in our 2007 festival. He seems to like the idea. We are very excited about this.

Vince Packard's 4 minute flash animation piece titled, Veruca Salt meets George Bush received a burst of resounding applause and cheers. It could be argued that the response was the loudest of the evening. It seems Vince touched a chord with the audience which reflects the general dissatisfaction the public has with the current administration.

Shannon Moore's beautiful "Soliloquy" is an awesome 16mm film that explores the issues of body image and identity with haunting, intimate pictures. The sole character in the film is never seen clearly but the audience is brought closely into the small details of her world, where she peels off layers of herself and then conceals herself again.

Andrei Bakhurin made his second appearance in our series with "Sonya's Escape," a surreal animation piece about a little girl who relies on an old woman, a can, and a bee to escape prison. The child-like illustrations, dark story, and post modern music make this film feel like a movie for the children of the underground. He is also under consideration to be next year's featured filmmaker. We were honored to be able to exhibit such talent.

We were also thrilled to show Christiane Cegavske's "Blood and Sunflowers" film, which is a nightmarish stop-action piece that explored a Freudian world of birds, dolls, and death. It is an extremely poetic and visual film that was done with a very meticulous process that included sewing all the scenery and charactors from fabric and animating them one frame at a time.

Robert Banks was our Featured Artist this year. He screened several of his challenging and cutting-edge films, including his award winning protest film, "X, The Baby Cinema," which takes Spike Lee to task for turning Malcolm X into a corporate logo, "MPG: Motion Picture Genocide," which takes layers of film images that were modified by magic markers and other meticulous hand-rendered effects, and "Elevators and Dummies," which is a series of images of frantic, crowded American lives. My wife Stefanie and I accompanied this latter film with live music with drums, gongs, and Native American flute.

Our event gets bigger and better every year. Check back for updates and we welcome any ideas you may have to make this festival even more exciting. Thank you for supporting independent film and video makers!

Mike Hovancsek and Jeff Ingram
Standing Rock International Film and Video Festival

Images from the Festival:


This year's Entries:

Movement is Life (3:15) Franklin Miller - Franklin has been making films and videos since 1961. His work has appeared on network television and in major art museums around the world. Of “Movement is Life,” he states, “These are real memories...I’ve been told. Funny how getting lost in the past lets you put off facing the future.”

Soliloquy (6:05) Shannon Moore - This awesome 16mm film explores issues of body image and identity with haunting, intimate images. Shannon describes the film as “An expression of feeling trapped inside an illusion and the desire to escape from hiding behind the false impressions that have provided a sense of security.”

Repugnant (2:00) Darcy Pendergast - Hailing from Australia, Darcy Pendergast is making a huge stir in the world of animation with his quirky, surreal short films. He recently won the Vote Art Award in an international Animation Competition. “Repugnant” is a playful example of his work with 2-dimensional animation.

Ivy (4:00) Bruce Johnson, Jr. - An enigmatic series of images that may or may not tell a story.


Blood and Sunflowers (1:13) Christiane Cegavske - This nightmarish stop-action animation piece explores a Freudian world of birds, dolls, and death.

Riverside (11:45) Todd Tinkham - A woman’s life flashes before her eyes and takes us along with her. This collage of memory fragments is an example of what can be done with layered images as a metaphor for memory.

Veruca Meets Bush (2:50) Vince Packard - A meditation on childish greed that merges Veruca from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” with our Commander and Chief.

Ghost Stories (12:30) Jennifer Hardacker - A woman tries to piece together her feelings about her mother’s life and death in this personal documentary that makes use of old super-8 home movies and modern video material.

The Butcher Shop (0:30) Carl Palmer - Don’t blink or you’ll miss this short comedy piece by award winning videographer, Carl Palmer.

The Lyre of Orpheus (6:24) Drew Hood and Andrew Zimbelman - This is a video for a Nick Cave song. It tells the story of Orpheus, who built a musical instrument and used it to cause mayhem.

Sonya's Escape (10:15) Andrei Bakhurin - This film came to us all the way from Russia. It tells a fairy tale-like story of a little girl who has to use her wits to escape imprisonment.

Mother of God (3:50) James Magrini - According to James Magrini, “Against a traditional portrayal highlighting mytho-relitious aspects of the Mary and Jesus story, this film is a secular meditation on the state of ‘melancholia’ that accompanies the separation of mother from her child, who is lost to her forever.”

Off the Rails (6:00) Darcy Pendergast - Darcy’s 2-dimensional animation appeared earlier in this program. “Off the Rails” is an example of his claymation work. This film took over a year to make! It recently won the national "Big Break" competition. It is a series of hilarious character sketches in clay.

Resolution of the Binaries (8:00) Mike Hovancsek - A series of time-lapse images of landscapes that slowly merge, mutate and reform as the piece develops. This piece will include live musical accompaniment by Joe Culley and Mike Hovancsek.

Featured Artist: Robert Banks

Celebrated Cleveland filmmaker Robert Banks will be showing several films that span the length of his career. He will be screening:

Woman in Circles 35mm (Co-produced by Robert Banks and Bruce Chechefski)
X, The Baby Cinema 16mm
MPG:Motion Picture Genocide 35mm
A.W.O.L. 35mm
3 One-Minute Trailers 35mm
Outlet 35mm
Elevators and Dummies 16mm (with live music by Joe Culley and Mike Hovancsek)

More Information and Highlights:

Here we are again and this year promises to be an exciting one. First of all, we have Cleveland Filmmaker, Robert Banks, coming down to screen several of his short films. Robert is one of the few Independent Filmmakers who is actually making films instead of videos. Banks has had his films shown at the Sundance Film Festival. He also was named Filmmaker of the Year at the Midwest Filmmakers Conference, and in 2000, he was the honored guest filmmaker in London at the BBC British Short Film Festival.

In addition to Robert, we've discovered an incredibly talented filmmaker from Australia, Darcy Prendergast who recently won the Vote Art Award in an international Animation Competition that can be viewed at His entry "Off the Rails" is a 6 minute clay animation piece that took over a year to make!
Not being content with the two-dimensional cartoons he had been drawing since childhood, Darcy Prendergast moved onto clay animation. It¹s a medium he¹s since mastered. His short film, Off the Rails, used clay animation and recently won the national EBig Break competition.
More info on Darcy can be found at:

Also, we'll be screening "Blood and Sunflowers", an incredible animation piece by California artist, Christiane Cegavske. Dark and fascinating, this piece contains all the mystery and awe of a Grimms Fairy Tale. Christiane is an accomplished artist in many mediums. We are honored to present her work here. More info can be found at

Also, returning this year, we have Mike Hovancsek and Joe Culley performing live soundtracks to films. We thank all who braved the snowstorm last year and we hope to see everyone again this year.

Thank you for supporting independent filmmakers!

Darcy Prendergast Interview
Tell us something about where you come from:
I have been drawing cartoons since I was knee high to a texta, if textas had knees. I¹ve always been a huge fan of cartoons, in my younger years doing far more watching than producing. Now, it¹s kind of reversed. I¹m constantly sketching comic strips, people on the train, and weird stuff from my mind, and writing stories. I felt my drawings weren¹t jumping off the page enough however, and so began to look into Clay Animation, the technique made famous by films such as Wallace and Grommit and Chicken Run. My love of clay modelling started back in Primary School, making clay penises to entertain class mates. It was a cheap laugh. From there, I have taken the art-form a little more seriously, pushing myself so hard for every new film I make. I still get cheap laughs, but the subject matter is slightly more sophisticated, only slightly. My aim is simple: to bring more laughter into the world, with a little social commentary along the way.

List five words that describe you:
Loud, offbeat, crazy, ambitious, dreamer.

Who are some people in your life you admire?
Adam Elliot, the Academy Award winner and creator of Australia¹s own, Harvie Krumpet, the dedication and direction of Adam is nothing short of amazing, and has traits I want to emulate. His story is so inspiring to me, as he has achieved exactly what I aspire to. He always has time to assist me and unveil the mysteries of the industry. Nick Hilligoss, veteran animator at the ABC, another mentor to me on my clay animation path. His technical knowledge in all aspects of production is well honed. I admire his attention to detail and his willingness to make time for me.

How would you describe your work?
A humorous look at the weirder, more eccentric characters within society. I love meeting weird people from different walks of life and cultures.
List your three favourite things:
Building plasticine characters, making people laugh and cleaning my ears.
What do you do for fun?
Chase sheep, go riding or skating, make bon fires, draw, listen to tunes, play drums, play cricket, annoy the dogs, annoy my sister through my terrible singing, and I don¹t mind drinking a few beers here and there either.

What do you consider to be essential in your creative process?
I¹d have to say observing people¹s behaviour and personalities, and exaggerating them to form an accentuated cartoon character. I then use my characters to create compelling stories that are worth producing. The essential part to any film is a solid story. Bad story equals Bad film.

What has been the biggest challenge for you so far?
Making ŒOff the Rails¹, my 6 minute clay animated film. It took over a year to make, and was an extreme learning curve me. It¹s easily the most time consuming form of animation, and every day throws you new challenges.

Do you have a life/creative highlight?
The highlight so far would have to be when I was watching a screening of my first film ŒCouch Potato² at ACMI, which actually included a clay sex scene. A lady behind me actually remarked ³What sort of freak made this?² and I proudly turned around and said "I did"

How do you imagine yourself in ten years time and what challenges do you imagine you¹ll face along the way?
In ten years time I hope to have an Oscar under the belt, and some serious funding to back up my animations. Winning the Oscar is going to be a massive challenge, as is securing some substantial funding. The journey wouldn¹t be half as fun if the pinnacle was easy to reach, I enjoy the climb upwards.

Is there an idea or subject that you feel obsessed by or curious about at the moment?
I'm still obsessed with unusual people. I love meeting people that Œsociety¹ considers detached. Their stories are far more interesting.

Noise is...
The constant gibberish that spills from my mouth. It also happens to be an encouraging habitat for creative minds.

Robert Banks (filmmaker)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Robert C. Banks, Jr. (born 1966) is an American experimental filmmaker.


Banks attended the Cleveland School of the Arts, and has taught film at Cuyahoga Community College, the Cleveland Institute of Art, and Cleveland State University.

His best known work is the 1992 film, X: The Baby Cinema, a 4.5 minute, 16 mm short film which chronicled the commercial appropriation of the image of Malcolm X. The movie appeared on the compilation video The Best Of The New York Underground:Year One.

The 1994 feature documentary film, You Can't Get a Piece of Mind explores the world of Cleveland musician and Vietnam veteran, Dan "Supie T" Theman.

Banks has had his films shown at the Sundance Film Festival, was named Filmmaker of the Year at the Midwest Filmmakers Conference, and in 2000, he was the honored guest filmmaker in London at the BBC British Short Film Festival.

Banks currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio.


Banks has made some of his works freely available for downloading. See external links section for details.

* (1989) Untitled (16mm)
* (1990) Froggy Central (16mm)
* (1992) Eyes (16mm)
* (1993) X The Baby Cinema (16mm)
* (1994) My First Drug....The Idiot Box (16mm)
* (1996) You Can't Get a Piece of Mind (16mm)
* (1997) MPG: Motion Picture Genocide (35mm)
* (1998) Jaded (35mm)
* (1999) Outlet (35mm)
* (1999) Embryonic (35mm)
* (1999) Gold Fish Sunflowers (35mm)
* (1999) Bone Face (35mm)
* (1999) Love Rusty (8mm/16mm/35mm)
* (2000) Rage Against the Dying Light
* (2002) Autopilot
* (2003) The Devil's Filmmaker: Bohica (cinematographer only)
* (2004) A.W.O.L. (35mm)
* (2004) Banks vs. Barney (parody of Matthew Barney's Cremaster)


* Filmmaker of the Year (2001), Midwest Filmmakers Conference
* Jury Citation Award for Outlet, Black Mariah Film Festival
* Prize Pieces Award, National Black Programming Consortium
* Best Experimental for X-The Baby Cinema (1993), The First NY Underground Film Festival

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