"Spirits of Woodland Realms" 4th Annual Earth Day Group Art Exhibit.

Opening Reception April 1st, 8pm. Show runs through April 22nd.

Featuring: Vince Packard, Stephanie Garisto, Lori Field, Sheridan Leigh
Oil, Watercolor, and Acrylic Paintings. Masks. Collage.

Music by Jessica Rubin

Images from the Opening.

Standing Rock Cultural Arts is honored to feature the work of Sheridan Leigh from Alaska and Lori Field from New Jersey in this exhibit.

Sheridan Leigh does beautiful archtypical paintings that remind one of portraits from the Renaissance. She says in her artist statement, "As I see and hear poetry in all things, I conceive my art is my soul's Elysium, that which resonates the music of my being....I am just one of the infinite instruments playing God's composition."

More information on her art can be found at http://sheridanleigh.com/

Lori Field's work can be described as paintings and collages that are anthropomorphic and visually hypnotizing. She says in her artist statement,

"My collage and drawing based works begin as streams of consciousness. The beings depicted evoke subliminal, mysterious worlds. It is another planet of my own creation; a demi-monde peopled with anthropomorphic 'angels with attitude', mutants, exhibitionists, seducers, chimeras and other intimate strangers. The animal and Asian imagery in particular seem to be obsessions that have chosen me rather than the other way around."

More information on her art can be viewed at http://myspace.com/moosedusty

This exhibit takes the perspective that the Earth is a Living Being, Gaia. All living things are connected. Taking it further, the artists have been given permission to depict our world in whatever way they see fit, be it fantastical and dreamy, or stark and sickly.

As Dayton environmental activist Dorothy Stang said before she was killed last year in Brazil,"When the forest dies, we all die".