"Half & Half" Photography Exhibition, July 27, 8pm, runs through August 12

Featuring the work of former Kent Roosevelt High School Students who were under the instruction of Michael McClure, including Mary Beth Wade, Kristyn Shreve and more.

Images from the Opening

Mary Beth Wade Artist Statement

My work is that fascination I find when the world completely changes perspective to form a deeper understanding of everything I took for granted before. The main topic of my show right now is called Half & Half, because I believe there is always at least two sides to each and every little thing that belongs to this world. No one entity is made up of merely one perspective; someone always sees it in a different view. Every time I take a photograph, I like to think of it from someone or something else's perspective. When taking a picture of a house, I may not take a simple bystander's view, but use the rearview image of a car, as if the bystander were passing it by. Each time I do this, I believe that an entirely different side of the equation comes into view.

I believe that no one can really understand another person without walking a mile in their shoes. My work takes me to a different world. It takes my subconscious and forms a different view, one that I might use to better understand and sympathize with that person. I believe it's also easy to take the beautiful things in this world for granted, and by posing a second half or perspective to the everyday walk of life, it adds to the excitement and wonder of the world in which we live. It adds thought to simplicity.

My work makes people question. What is the intent of each photograph? With such simple details, such as one purple eye and one orange eye, and also symbolism, my photographs create such a deep vortex of possibilities, that art is the consequence. My art is like poetry, always changing in the eyes of the viewer.

While I attempt to see the world in a different perspective, my work creates multiple perspectives as well, exponentially increasing the thought put into it. My work is not done until seen by viewers, because they are the end result of it. It is an escape, for both me and my viewers. While I am caught in an endless vortex of possibilities, so is the rest of the world in viewing it.

Mary Beth Wade is a senior at Kent Roosevelt High school, and loves to run and play trumpet. Next year she will be attending Akron University, and will major in Biomedical Engineering.

Kristyn Shreve Artist Statement

Whether you travel to many different locations or simply stay at home there are always a variety of subjects waiting to be captured on film. I try to take pictures in many different areas to capture many unique moods. These locations include photos from my backyard in Kent, Ohio to photos of Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. The color of the sky and the lighting vary from city to city and from shot to shot. Through these photographs, I wanted to capture the variety of moods and subjects produced by the common effect of lighting.

Lighting is everywhere, it is an ordinary thing, but it can be used to affect the mood of the picture and viewer. When I began taking photographs, I realized that the lighting in the picture affects the mood and interpretation that I got from the photograph. I began to take photographs with beautiful sunsets that further enhanced the picture. I then moved to shooting at night to show the variety of lighting that can be seen even in a dark sky. Finally, I took photographs inside buildings to show that even the most mundane places could be changed to interesting subjects.

My photography is an array of many subjects with lighting effects to entice many different moods. I want my photographs to express that there are interesting and beautiful subjects everywhere you look. Even though you may see something very common it can be interpreted differently if you just look hard enough. Photography is personal, just like any other art, and though the feeling I get from my photography is different than what you may feel from it I hope that it evokes some emotion from you.