"Yesterday is Tomorrow" Multi-Media Art Exhibition featuring Genral Jackett and Martyn Flunoy

Saturday, April 29, 8pm, Opening Reception - show runs through May 27

Images from the Opening Reception

Yesterday is Tomorrow is a multi media reflection by two local artists whose work speaks to the volatile times in which we live.
Genral Jackett lives in Akron and has been making art for over 40 years. His paintings, graphic designs and posters are national in scope. The Eagles,The Beach Boys, and DEVO are a few of his more well known clientele. For this show, he uses computer imagery to create a sensory explosion through color, form, and balance.
Martyn Flunoy is a collage artist and graphic designer whose visual experiments come alive with humor and a skillful portrayal of strange characters in surreal landscapes. Martyn is a resident of Akron, Ohio, has played in numerous bands, is an accomplished percussionist and performer, and currently works for Kent State University as a groundskeeper.

As we move ahead in the new century, we find our current events mirroring events that took place thirty-six years ago. The poster used to announce this exhibit is a revival of the KENT poster which was created in May 1970, a few weeks after the May 4th shootings. At the time, the country was waging a war in a foreign land while a cultural war raged at home.

Today, we find ourselves in a similar situation, at war abroad and culturally divided at home. The lessons of the past unlearned. What is old is new and what is new is old. The mistakes of the past repeated in unending cycles. The KENT poster from 1970 has been computerized for 2006. This piece and other pieces in the exhibit are computer assisted images.

Genral Jackett says his art is of the popopdadelic movement which came out of Kent in the late sixties and early seventies. Yesterday is tomorrow and this exhibit looks back to see the future.

-Genral Jackett, April 2006