Bicentennial Parade Workshop directed by Vince Packard

August 1- August 18th, 1-4pm
- Tuesday through Thursday
- Three Week Intensive Workshop

-Students work on making an entry into the City of Kent's Bicentennial Parade on September 9, 2006
-Creating Masks, Costumes, Mobile Large Puppets, and Figures

Images from the Workshop

Join the fun and celebrate Kent's history as we remind Kent of the vibrant natural world in Ohio 200 years ago. Adopt a missing animal to honor its spirit and remind us why the environment is important. Vince is also hoping to represent Kent historical luminary John Brown and Shawnee leader Tecumseh.
His experience with mask making, Parade in the Circle and the Missing Animals of Ohio Memorial exhibit is highly useful in teaching students how to use paper mache¹ and textiles to bring characters alive. If enough people sign up we wil be able to create a choreographed dance for the Bicentennial Parade which is set for September 9th, 2006.


When he was born, his dad Raymond was teaching art deep in the Appalachian eastern Kentucky county of Pike, and his mom, Ellen, was a beautiful ballet dancer refugee from Berlin Germany.
Interest in the arts began with films such as "Jason and the Argonauts", "Alice" by Jan Svankmejer and the shorts of the Brothers Quay. His dad had an an art gallery in Akron while he was growing up and here he became exposed to many different styles of art and design. His first graphic experience occurred in the late 1970's when he published his own magazine titled, Slam Magazine. Slam included poetry, illustration, photography, and critical reviews as well as a listing of alternative music and art that was international in scope. Vince was responsible for design and layout of 18 issues. He learned how to tattoo in the 1980's and supported himself drawing and designing throughout the 1990's. His passion for art allows him to explore many different mediums including marionettes.
He first started working with Standing Rock Cultural Arts in the Fall of 2002 after he was featured at a gallery exhibition. He has been designing posters, fliers, programs, and signs for them ever since. Recently, he joined The Parade in the Circle Festival, a multi-cultural art parade held annually at Case Western Reserve University Circle in Cleveland. Here, he learned to construct large scale puppetry. Stiltwalking, mask making, and back pack framework puppets were all skills he learned through three months of intensive workshops.

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