Standing Rock Cultural Arts and The Women's Resource Center of Kent State University present The Battle of Standing Rock - a battle of bands featuring every genre of music.

Congratulations to Dr. Teeth for taking the Grand Prize in a tightly contested 1st Annual Battle of Standing Rock. Here's a list of the three finalists.

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Prizes include 1000 CD Package, 10 hours of recording time at Moondog Studios, and a CD release party at Club Khameleon.

1. Dr. Teeeth

2. The Zou

3. Run Run Addington

Images from the Finals
Friday, May 26th The Kent Stage


Tuesday, May 23rd, CLub Khameleon
Doctor Teeeth (round winner)

Ep3 (round winner)
The Speedbumps (round winner)
The Black Forrest (wildcard)
The Zou (wildcard)
Willoughby Run (wildcard)

Wednesday, May 24, Fat Jimmy's
Run Run Addington (round winner)
Drenalin (round winner)
Poontwang (round winner)
Soldiers of Yesterday (wildcard)

So Be It (wildcard)
Social Zero (wildcard)
Because of the strength of a number of bands in the final shows, we upped
the semi's to 6 bands per round. As you will notice, our final show at The ECC
was really extraordinary - there wasn't a "weak band" in the group.

Peliminary Rounds:
Club Khameleonon: May 2nd
No Target Audience
Kill Capulet
Run Run Addington

Club Khameleonon: May 9th
My Apollo
Root Doctor's Revenge
factor 69

Fat Jimmy's: May 3rd
Bend The Sky

Enthrall The Weak
A Grand Design
A Bittersweet Catastrophe

Fat Jimmy's: May 10th
Teen Heat
Westhaven Jade
Last Chance
Willoughby Run

The ECC: May 5th
Robots and Dynamite
Soldiers of Yesterday
Count the Days
Doctor Teeeth

The ECC: May 12th
Drowning Ferret
So Be It
All or Nothing

Social Zero
The Zou
The Speedbumps

Admission is $5.00 a night
Judging criteria will include 1. Originality, 2. Onstage Presence, 3. Quality, 4. Time Use and 5. Crowd Reaction. Judges will be from local music venues, various bands, and others connected to the local music scene.

Details can be found at

The Women's Resource Center is partnering with SRCA on this competition. Located n KSU's campus, they provide services to women on and off campus. is sponsoring this event as a way to provide a professional boost to local unsigned musicians.

Images from the Peliminary Rounds