Jawbone Open Poetry and Pie Festival, May 6, 11pm-2pm

Open Poetry along with home made Pie.
Pie for sale by the slice or whole Pie
A fundraiser for Standing Rock Cultural Arts

CONTACT: 330-673-4970 to order pie

The annual Jawbone Open Poetry Reading is back. Led by KSU professor, Maj Ragain, the reading spans three days and involves poets from across the country returning to Kent to celebrate a tradition that¹s lasted nearly thirty years. The Jawbone starts at 8pm, Friday May 5th at the Gallery.

Then, on May 6th, pie will be served at the Gallery from 11am to 2pm and just down the block, there will be a special reading at The Home Savings Plaza from noon to 1pm where Maj and friends will honor Kent's Bicentennial.

Then, in the evening, starting at 8pm, back to the Gallery for another Open Reading. A Full Jawbone Schedule is listed below.

We hope you can make it downtown Kent to enjoy some great words and delicious pie.

Friday, May 5, 8pm: N. Water Gallery
Saturday, May 6, noon to 1pm: Home Savings Plaza
Saturday, May 6, 2-4pm: John Brown Tannery Park
Saturday, May 6, 8pm: N. Water St. Gallery
Sunday, May 7, 2pm: Fred Fuller Park (Poet's Pot Luck)