D.I.C.E. Events

The 4th Annual Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social
Saturday, August 11, 1-4pm at the Home Savings Plaza at the corner of Main and Water Streets in Downtown Kent, Ohio.
- A Downtown Innovative Community Event D.I.C.E
- Ice Cream at 25 cents a scoop
- Retail Bargains offered by Downtown Businesses
- Live Old Time Music by “One Way Rider”, John Prtljaga’s Home Made
Music Box, and “Get Out and Push!” bluegrass
- Face Painting
- Local Art etc...

Images from this Event

Participating Businesses include but are not limited to:
- The Kent Area Chamber of Commerce, City Bank Antiques, Woodsy’s Music,
Kent Historic Museum, Kent Natural Foods Co-op, The Kent Stage, The Art
Armory, The Open Space Gallery, The North Water Street Gallery, The Wild
Goat Cafe, Franklin Square Deli, Stahl’s Bakery and more...

Sponsored by The Ohio Arts Council, Main Street Kent, The Henry V. and
Frances W. Christenson Foundation, The City of Kent, The Kent Parks and
Recreation Department, The Home Savings Plaza, Woodsy’s Music, City Bank
Antiques, The Hall-Green Insurance Agency, Taco Tantos, The Wild Goat
Cafe, Doodles Salon, Guys Pizza, and more...

- D.I.C.E. is a grassroots partnership between SRCA and Main Street Kent
whose purpose is to revitalize Downtown Kent through cultural events.
-All events take place at The Home Savings Plaza, Downtown Kent, Ohio.

“One Way Rider” Info:

One Way Rider is a family band, based here in Kent, Ohio, that performs
a unique combination of Traditional Bluegrass, Newgrass, Country,
Gospel, Acappella & Progressive Appalachian. Consisting of mother
Valerie Fay, father David Lee, & their children Amanda Lynn, Chittlin',
& David Ray. Together, they create an enchanting spectrum of sound, that
sends the listener on a mystical journey through time. Val and David Lee
have been performing together for over twenty years and the kids joined
in as soon as they were old enough to sing. The fine mix of show
stopping guitar pickin, 90 mph mandolin leads, heart melting harmonies
and a comedic stage show promises an event that the entire family is
sure to enjoy.


“Get Out and Push!” Info

Get Out And Push started with an explosion of desire and a chance to
play. Andy Cowan, Bruce Paxson, Walt Hasson, Joe Mendiola and Tom
Himmelspach decided in 1976 that we had to play music . . . professional
music. We learned the changes and immediately had the chance to play at
the Village Inn in Washingtonville, Ohio, where The Butler Brothers (
thanks and love, Lonnie ) and John Douglass ( Jerrys' dad ) played. We
had heard these bands and were off to the races.

You can't enter a race without a name, so after many agonizing
discussions, we decided on "Get Out And Push" because all of us sooner
or later had to push our old pickups, vws', old tired chevys, whatever
would run to get together and practice.

I remember one night busting four foot snow drifts in Walters' old
Lincoln on the way to a Village Inn job. I'll never forget the night
that Andy and I played as a duet at a restaurant in Hanoverton. We left
after supper to play another job at a bar in Salem. The weather was bad,
the radiator hose blew, the battery died and we had to call for rescue,
then we realized that we had left our instruments at the restaurant 20
miles away. However we did make the job ( on time ) and had a good time
as always.

So we got a name, we wrote some songs and we played every chance we got.
The band members have come and gone other than Andy and I but we have
always maintained top, heartfelt quality in our music ( the bluegrass
signature ).

For the last 30 years we have continuously played on major festival
stages, radio stations, town festivals, county festivals, given history
of bluegrass shows to schools and universities and even performed as the
bluegrass band in the stage play FOXFIRE. We love what we do ( hey Andy,
do you remember playing in the grocery store checkout lane ? ).

We've recorded ourselves all along and constantly strive to keep current
in our material ( keeping current to me means digging deeper to find
those bluegrass gems ).

Well if anyone has any comments, questions or -Work- please exercise
your EMAIL prowess and I'll respond ASAP.


Get Out And Push
c/o Andy Cowan
33110 Willard Rd.
Hanoverton, OH 44423

330 223 1022 or getopush@sky-access.com

John Prtljaga’s Home Made Music Box

John is a wood craftsman who lives in Barberton & Shalersville and has
been making music boxes since 1987. Previously he had been a guitar
maker and his woodworking hobby grew into a passion for the old style
music boxes. Currently the instrument he carries around to events is
based on a Wurlitzer 165 Pipe Organ design. John visits trade shows to
find inspiration from the masters. The instrument plays 120 different
tunes in the style of Polkas, Waltzes, Ragtime, Old Dutch, Belgian, and
German Melodies. He continues to add to and modify this instrument and
explains that now it sounds more like a Dutch Street Organ.