Dispirited Garden” Art Exhibition - The Art of Bejing artist Yan Wei (Kokomoo)
-Inkjet Prints

Opening Reception, Saturday, February 3, 8pm
Live music with authentic Chinese instruments
exhibit runs through February 27

Images from the Opening.


"I do art, because it is the most important pert in my life, I really
get fun and happy from that, and I am used to think in a graphic way, I
think in graphic, not words. And after two tears work in the company, I
finally found what is my favorite and what I really want to do. My main
project is girls, because I want to express the feeling of girls, and my
paintings are based on the feeling of girls. And some childhood memories
inspire me a lot.


My name is Yan Wei.

I was born on 26th March,1981.

Drawing and painting has been an enjoyable hobby of mine ever since I
was a small child and because of this I had always wanted to further my
artistic skills and knowledge at an academic institution. When the time
came I decided to study Graphic Design at Tsing Hua University in
Beijing and graduating with my Bachelor Degree in 2003.

In the years following my graduation from University I worked as full
time as a illustrator in an Advertising company. Here my work included
storyboarding and the drawing and painting of cartoon characters. I was
also trained in the more corporate aspects of illustration with my work
appearing in magazines, on posters, postcards and various types of
labelling/packaging. My illustrations are used by Johnson & Johnson,
Shishedo, Aupres, Contac, Pedigree, China Mobile, Lining, KSF,
Yoshinoya, DQ, Dalian Sun Asia, and Fenbid. I am also an art director
for the Gzoby digital magazine.

After 2 years working in this field I found it was different from what I
really wanted to do. I wanted to be more creative and find my own style
rather than be restricted by the requisitions of clients; I also needed
more free time in which to do this. With this in mind I decided to
resign from my full-time position in order to work on a freelance basis
and thus be in a better position to concentrate on my true artistic desires.

I belong to a generation that grew up in a culture often affected by
manga/anime, comics, street art, flat paintings and so on. I read lots
of comics as a child and because of this my imagination and some of my
artwork has been influenced by this. I like to paint in my own
particular style, with my own ideas; sometimes cute and childish yet
often incorporating a darker more sinister edge.. Most of my subjects
are about the childhood, memory, games, and toys. I like to paint harsh
reality under a lovely disguise. That series of little girls which I use
is inspired by the 80’s Chinese pop style. Fairy tales have special
meaning to me. The feeling of helplessness in many of the stories is
masked with innocence, which creates a world of contrasts,
contradictions, and shows the reality of the world as it really is.

In the past year I have completed a lot of black and white paintings. I
wanted to find a wispy balance between black, white and grey. I also
completed some colour paintings. In the near future I hope to paint more
and more. I want to try new ideas, explore new avenues and try different
types of media.

I am spending more time now and painting more on my current subject. It
has been very interesting and exciting. I create what I know and feel,
and this experience has left me with a great feeling. I enjoy traveling,
especially in different countries and cultures. New feelings of the
world and the way I perceive the world to be always arising from my
journeys, like my trip in euro. New ideas are always being shaped and
reshaped. Reading is another method that really inspires me. It’s a good
way to understand the world and myself. Many times one simple sentence
inspires a whole collection of ideas and paintings.