In Pieces” Paintings by Breanna Boulton

Saturday, December 16, 8pm Opening Reception
-show runs through January 7, 2007

Images from the Opening

Breanna Boulton - Artist Statement “In Pieces”

My work is about intense feelings of obligation and being locked in
situations that are beyond what any person should ever endure. It’s
about reconnecting and seeking a sense of belonging, of safety, of
family, friends, and home.

In these paintings, I’m trying to draw the viewer into the emotions
associated with leaving someone you love. Just like relationships
themselves, the aftermath of leaving has its highs and lows. The deep
grays and reds mark the fiery, angry, and depressive states of mind
while the subtle earthy tones mimic feelings of hope and neutrality.
Layers create depth and a sense of transitioning while inconsistencies
on the canvas, heavy texture, and deep gouges reference the road to new

Breanna Boulton - Biography 2006

Breanna Boulton is a trained artist originally from Canal Fulton, Ohio.
Coming from a family of craftsmen, artists, and professional musicians,
her artistic career began at an early age and flourished when she was in
college at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. After
obtaining her Bachelors degree in art history and Eastern European
studies, she went on to pursue her Masters degree in historic
preservation while studying at the School of the Art Institute of
Chicago and the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Currently she is living in Boston and working for a building
conservation firm, though her true passion is creating artwork