"Old School" L.A. Hardcore and British Post Punk Photographs by Tom Trainer
-What VH1 didn't remember about the 80's
-Los Angeles and British Underground Music Scenes in the Early 1980's
-Exene Cervenko from "X"
-Henry Rollins from "Black Flag"
-Bauhaus etc…

Friday, September 28, 2007 8:00pm. Opening Reception.
-exhibition runs through October 20.

Images from the Opening.

Tom Trainer
About the Artist

I was born in Ohio but grew up and attended school in Los Angeles. In
the early 80's I briefly attended Santa Monica City College where I
studied photography. At this time the Hardcore Punk scene was thriving
in L.A. Hollywood and the South Bay were the hot spots.

I feel lucky that I was able to photo document this slice of American
music history. It felt good to be a starving artist, but eventually I
got hungry. In 1986 I started my photo business, (Tom Trainer
Photography). In 1991 I got married and moved back to Ohio where I still
operate my photo business, which has expanded to include video services
as well.

25 years have passed since the Heyday of the L.A. Hardcore Scene and
this is the first formal showing of this work.

-Tom Trainer