Seeing to Understand” Art Exhibition.
-an exploration of art and science
-Drawings and Paintings
-featuring Dr. Linda B. Spurlock
-featuring Dr. Jon H. Sally

Saturday, September 1, 2007 8:00pm. Opening Reception.
-exhibit runs through September 22nd

“Seeing to Understand” is about work that often goes unnoticed. It’s
about the work of the scientist who gathers information and performs
experiments to gain understanding. It's about the artist who starts with
a sketch and imagines something more complete. It’s about trial and
error and trial again. It’s about a process that could take days or an
entire lifetime to reach a conclusion.
The work represented in this exhibition is by two doctors with greatly
different backgrounds. We invite you to come see the visual art and
explore the creativity of these two remarkable individuals.

Images from the Opening.

About the Artists

Linda Budinoff Spurlock


I am a biological anthropologist and anatomist, and specialize in
forensic facial reconstruction and scientific illustration. I am also a
professional archaeologist. My Ph.D. is from Kent State University,
School of Biomedical Sciences. I teach anatomy and physiology at Stark
State College, in North Canton, Ohio. In 2006 Kent State University
Press published Caves and Culture: 10,000 Years of Ohio History which I
edited with Olaf Prufer and Thomas Pigott.

Artist’s Statement

I have always been interested in the visual arts and science, and by
being a scientific illustrator I am involved with both. Helping
researchers illustrate their findings is truly fascinating; I learn so
much from them as we discuss which aspects must be revealed in the art.
In recent years I’ve had the pleasure of drawing bones for C. Owen
Lovejoy, Melanie McCollum and Hans Thewissen, bats for Betsy Dumont,
monkeys for Craig Byron and prehistoric artifacts for Mark Seeman. It is
a challenge to draw with enough simplicity and clarity to show the
important concepts. In order to draw well I must study the objects
carefully, which is a pleasure.


Dr. Jon H. Sally

Dr. Jon H. Sally was born February 21st, 1935, in the middle of The
Great Depression at Robinson Memorial Hospital in Ravenna, Ohio.

His interest in art began in Miss Hutt’s grade school class. The young
artist had his own ideas and was unable to follow the teacher’s vision
of how one should color. Consequently, he spent most of his second grade
with his head down on the desk, as punishment for his failure to
conform. Perhaps this is what delayed his appreciation of art until he
was a senior at Kent State University High School. His art teacher, Mr.
Bertolini, believed believed in nurturing budding talent and encouraged
Jon to try painting, sculpture, and other forms of artistic expression.

During his years at college and medical school, creating art became an
outlet for releving stress. He continued to paint as a release during
his entire career as a physician. He took adult art classes at The Jack
Richards Studio in Cuyahoga Falls and ceramics at Kent State University.
Now that he has retired, he continues to take pleasure in painting. He
also does wood carving and portraiture, but painting is his first love
and greatest pleasure.