African Drum Workshop and Dance Festival with Brian Klempp
Saturday, October 14, 1pm-11pm at The Kent Stage, 175 E. Main St., Downtown Kent

Fundraiser for Brian Klempp's voyage to Mamady Keita's Drum Camp in the Republic of Guinea, Africa

Performances featuring Sogbety Diomande and his West African Drum and Dance Company, Halim El-Dabh, The Kent African Drum Community, Gypsy Soul and *Star Kids* Tribal Belly Dance Troupe.

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Images from this event.

Anyone wishing to help sponsor Brian Klempp's voyage to Africa, please contact Jeff Ingram at or call 330-673-4970. Standing Rock Cultural Arts is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization based in Kent Ohio. Donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. Or contact Brian directly at 330-554-5244.

The Kent African Drum Community will be hosting our first annual African Drum and Dance Festival, a fundraiser to send our leader, Brian Klempp to Guinea to study with world renowned master djembe player, Mamady Keita. The festival will consist of afternoon drumming workshops followed by an evening performance of traditional music and dance form Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Egypt. There will also be a raffle with many prizes from local businesses. The grand prize will be a 13¹¹ hand carved professional djembe from Ghana.

The workshops include:

Brian Klempp will teach a traditional Djembe rhythm from Guinea. (1:15-2:45)

Halim El-Dabh will give a workshop titled ³Rhythms Across the Sahara ­ from Isis to Oshun which will feature songs and dances from Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Ghana. (3:00-4:15)

Sogbety Diomande will teach traditional rhythms from Ivory Coast. (4:30-5:45)

The evening concert performance features
*Sogbety Diomande's West African Drum and Dance Company
*Halim El-Dabh
*Kent African Drum Community
*Gypsy Soul and *Star Kids*-Tribal Belly Dance