"Masquerade of Personas" (with a bi-polar twist)
-Mardi Gras Art Exhibition
-Paintings, Jewelry, Sculpture, Fused Glass by Randy Jackson

Saturday, February 2, 2008 8pm Opening Reception
-Exhibit runs through February 23

Images from the Opening.

Artist Statement:

What words cannot express for me results in the art that I create. I
have had a need to create, not just the desire, since I was very young.
It is the two and three dimensional trail made from memories, feelings,
and dreams.

About the Artist

When I left high school, I became a draftsman in the army before
entering Columbus College of Art and Design. I left college after two
years and went to the mountains of Colorado to do watercolors. Here, I
got paid to do Ironwork in a gold mine. Then I spent time in the
California mountains above Santa Cruz, painting and mingling with the
art community of the west coast.

I landed back on my father's grape vineyard in Hartsgrove, Ohio in 1991,
and this is where I currently reside.

Since 1991, I've attended Cleveland Institute of Art and had various
exhibitions in Cleveland, Chicago, Columbus, and Kent. I've built
dozens of unique structures for the Renaissance Fair in Geneva, Ohio and
have taken these skills to many Fairs around the country where owners
want me to build shops for them.

I'm constantly exploring new territory and am trying to integrate all
that I've learned.

Randy Jackson