Raw Umber Group Art Exhibition

Saturday, July 5, 8pm, Opening Reception at the North Water
Street Gallery, 257 N. Water St., Kent
-in conjunction with The Kent Heritage Festival which is an all day
festival in downtown Kent. Food, Crafts, Music, Fireworks and more.
-exhibit runs through July 27

Images from the Opening

About the Artists


About Raw Umber:
Raw Umber is a group of local artists from North East Ohio beginning a
creative exploration of natural materials as art media. With the
knowledge that the paints, fixatives, and other materials used by many
artists of the past and present are harmful to the environment, our
intention is to explore natural ways of creating art that will be safer
and less hazardous to ourselves and the world around us.

In this process we are also able to gain a deeper understanding,
closeness and affinity for nature. Raw umber literally translates to
earth of shadow or shade. Umber is obtained from certain natural clays
variously colored by the oxides of iron and manganese. If used in this
form as a pigment it is referred to as raw umber. If it is heated or
burned it then becomes burnt umber. To be raw means to exist in a
natural state without having gone through the processes of refinement or

Our goal is to create art of nature; unrefined, from the earth, and
manufactured purely by us. Currently we have been experimenting in
making our own paint by collecting different raw materials such as
rocks, bark, and dirt, grinding them up, sifting them to create a fine
powder, and then combining it with a natural binder. We are interested
in the potential that lies in the natural world, in doing our part to
keep this world and ourselves alive and healthy, and in infusing these
ideas with our creative processing and art making.

Rebecca Urbanski

I am a self-taught artist, living, working and creating in Northeast
Ohio. I am inspired by the dark, empty windows of the surrounding cities
and suburbs, the glamorous film stars of the 20's, 30's and 40's, and
the Earth I live on.

My work is constantly evolving as I learn and experiment with new lines,
new materials and greater knowledge of the applications of such.