Through the Glass Greenly” Fused Glass Art Exhibit
-Featuring Marianne Hite and Colleene Daugharty

Saturday, September 6, 8pm. Opening Reception.
-Exhibit runs through October 18

Images from the Opening

About the Artists

Glass artist

Artist statement
While working with glass, I feel as though I'm painting with light as
well as with color. Glass lends a certain quality to the light emitted
through a piece that nothing else can duplicate. The experimentation
involved in using glass as a medium I find very exciting.

The use of ancient symbols along with symbols of my own is prevalent as
well as inclusions of gold and silver wire in many pieces along with
silver foil, which comes from my previous studies in enameling.

Some of my ideas come straight from the piece of glass while others come
from my own life experiences.

I often find inspiration for my work from nature, whether it is my
horses, dogs, cats or some other wild creatures on the property pulling
up the garden flowers by the roots. Sometimes these creatures are
portrayed as mischievous in my work. My figurative pieces range from
small marquette’s to life size figures.

COLLEENE DAUGHARTY – Artists Biography

Colleene is a Detroit native, who has lived in many parts of Michigan.
She also lived in Augsburg, Germany, Vicenza, Italy, Munich, Germany,
Cleveland, Ohio and Philadelphia, PA. Currently she lives in the Kent,
Ohio area.

As a child living in Vicenza, Italy, she was inspired by the glass
blowers in Venice, which lead her interest in glass as a teenager.

Colleene graduated from Kent State University in 1987 with a BA in
Graphic Design and a minor in Illustration. While at Kent she took
several courses in glass, which included contemporary flat glass as well
as three-dimensional casting. She also took pre-college classes in
Drawing, Photography, and Calligraphy at the Cleveland Institute of Art.
While in Philadelphia she enrolled at the Hot Soup Glass Blowing
studios. Recently she took glassblowing classes at Steinart Glass School
in Kent and is currently working out of The Art of Glass studio in
Green, Ohio.

Colleene has explored pastels, gauche, pen and ink, and oil painting in
her career. Her painting, pastels, illustrations and glass works are
abstracts inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphics and Asian calligraphy. Also
inspiring her are the works of Paul Klee, Joan Miro, Wassily Kandinsky
and Alexander Calder.