Film Events

Experimental Film Night
- “Dark Side of the Rainbow”
-Victor Fleming’s “The Wizard of Oz” Film set to the Soundtrack of Pink
Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”

Thursday, September 4, midnight at The Kent Stage, 175 E. Main St., Downtown Kent

CONTACT: 330-673-4970

Admission: $5 General. $3 Students/Seniors

You may have heard of an urban legend that points out how well the Pink
Floyd album, “Dark Side of the Moon” synchronizes with “The Wizard of
Oz.” Here’s a chance to see for yourself. Regardless, it’s an amazing
match to see the twister spinning across the Kansas prairie with the
same intensity of the song titled "Great Gig in the Sky." (The song that
features a soaring voice instrumental by British female vocalist, Clare


So how did this stunning coincidence come about, if the Intent theory
remains unproven? Well, enter another theory. Perhaps the connection
between Dark Side of the Moon and the Wizard of Oz simply evolved out of
the creative Ether. This theory tends to rely on non-local, non-linear
connections between all things and places and times. This is the basic
idea of synchronicity

Much has been written on how such unbelievable events can coincide,
especially when greatly removed in time and space. Carl Jung was one of
the first to write about the collective unconscious, a major contributor
to the idea of synchronicity. Robert Anton Wilson, author of The
Illuminatus! trilogy as well as a number of non-fiction books on ideas
of this nature, would say that synchronicity transports us into the sublime.

"Jung, of course, prefers to regard it as synchronicity -- his own label
for an alleged resonance in nature, or between nature and its various
parts, including us -- a resonance which creates seeming 'coincidences'
so startling that most of us, fundamentalists excluded, sense deeply
that they require an explanation."
-- (The New Inquisition, by Robert Anton Wilson, pg. 96)
"Jung described synchronicity as an acausal connecting principle that
manifests itself through meaningful coincidences. There are no rational
explanations for these situations..."
-- (The Tao of Psychology, by Jean Shinoda Bolen, pg. 6)

This idea of synchronicity holds that connection, the resonance, between
the two is beyond the linear concept of intent, and lies within the
basic intelligent potential of the universe.