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The 5th Annual Standing Rock International Short Film & Video Festival

This event took place at The Kent Stage, a beautiful historic theater in downtown Kent, Ohio on Friday, January 25, 2008 at 8pm

Hello Filmmakers and Audience,
I just wanted to give you a quick update on the 5th Annual Standing
Rock International Short Film Festival. The event was a success! We
screened a collection of comedies, short drama, music videos, art
collages, and animated films from as close as the city of Kent, Ohio and
from as far away as Ireland, Canada, Australia, and Spain. We packed
the theater to the rafters. We even ended up using the frayed seats
next to the projection booth because we ran out of places to put people
in the theater. We broke our record for attendance...again!
As usual, our audience was extremely enthusiastic and positive.
They laughed loudly at the funny moments and applauded with excitement
for every single film. Our Guest Filmmaker, Dustin Grella, flew in from
New York City where he attends the New York School of Visual Arts.
Dustin's humor was a hit. He was able to entertain and inform the
audience with his talk and with a screening of several of his films. We
look forward to watching this young filmmaker blossom. We also had Root
Doctor's Revenge perform live music to two of Mike Hovancsek's films.
They did an amazing job and the audience was thrilled with their

Here are the results of the voting:

Grace Channer from Canada won the Juried Award for her film,
"But Some Are Brave"
Julia Pott from England won the People's Choice Award for her film,
"My First Crush"

Our event got a lot of media coverage, some of which is available

Anyone who attended is welcome to send us their feedback for next
year? We encourage constructive criticism.

Thank you so much for being part of our event!

Mike Hovancsek
Festival Director

Images from this event.


Stills from this year's entries.

Alexa by Todd Tinkham

Banana Ghost by Jeremy Mayhew

Blissful by Leftchannel

But Some are Brave by Grace Channer (Canada)

BugOut by Carl Palmer

Collective Process by Eric Wahl

My First Crush by Julia Pott (England)

Defaced by Lorcan Finnegan (Ireland)

Glimpse by Dustin Grella

Intravenus by Max Blustin (UK)

Made in Japan by Ciro Altabas (Spain)

Metamutography by Miles Kalbach (Canada)

P is for Papaya by Aube Giroux (Canada)

Rock Bottom Riser by Brendan Cook (Australia)

The Shower Scene by Amanda L. Cates

Tale of Two by Jose Alberto Yapor (Canada)

Throw it on the Fire (Myron Cambell) (Canada)

The 5th Annual Standing Rock International Short Film Festival Schedule

Banana Ghost (3:15) Jeremy Mayhew - Jeremy is an award winning
filmmaker, animator, graphic artist, and sound designer. He describes
Banana Ghost as “broken hearts, handlebar moustaches, vagabond lice…”
Watch as Victorian-era wood cuts come to life in a nightmarish fantasy
that erodes the edges of reality before your eyes.

Metamutography (:45) Miles Kalbach - While some of the films in this
festival are very high tech, this one is a great example of what a
creative person can do with simple stop-action animation and a lump of clay.

P is for Papaya (7:35) Aube Giroux - Aube describes this film as “a love
story gone bad.” Unlike most love stories, however, this one takes place
between a woman and a genetically-modified tropical fruit.

Throw it on a Fire (5:07) Myron Campbell - This is the official music
video for The Bell Orchestra. In it, an antique toy ballerina finds her
dark shadow twin. Meanwhile, the band, entangled marionettes merged with
their instruments, struggle to keep playing their song while watching
the strange story unfolding before them.

The Shower Scene (2:57) Amanda L. Cates - This is Amanda’s tribute to
Alfred Hitchcock. This one may give you nightmares.

Rock Bottom Riser (5:00) Paul McNeil and Brendan Cook - Coming all the
way from Australia, this music video uses moving ink drawings to animate
various words and images in the song.

Collective Process (6:05) Eric Wahl - This is a nightmarish ritual
conducted on the sidewalks of downtown Cleveland.

My First Crush (3:40) Julia Pott - Jessica is a filmmaker from England.
Her film “My First Crush” is a delightful animation piece that combines
interviews and playful drawings to tell a collection of stories about
various people’s first crush. It may be impossible to watch this film
without smiling.

IntraVenus (10:00) Max Blustin - This submission from the United Kingdom
is remarkable for its exceptionally high quality acting and photography.
It is a story about a life altering twist of fate that visits an
everyday household.

A Tale of Two (2:16) Jose Alberto Yapor - The filmmaker describes this
extremely high tech animation piece as “two friends on a quest to steal
a magic crystal.” Of course, you can’t steal a magic crystal without
having a few mishaps along the way...

Alexa (4:38) Todd Tinkham - “When 12-year-old Alexa goes for a forbidden
swim she uncovers a world of intrigue and surprise.” This is the second
time Todd has appeared in our film festival. Both times, he found
visually compelling ways to tell unsettling stories.

Defaced (3:27) Lorcan Finnegan - Hailing from Ireland, Lorcan is a
multiple award winning filmmaker. His film “Defaced” is a visually
stunning journey into the life of a billboard.

Blissful (:35) Leftchannel. This film from Columbus, Ohio is a turbo
charged blast of visual and audio madness packed into a 35 second time
slot. Music by Ipecac.

Bug Out (3:18) Carl Palmer - This film is a collage of historic images
from America’s atomic bomb tests. It is accompanied by a remarkably
relaxing soundtrack that the filmmaker created himself. The odd
juxtaposition between the violent images and the calm music are very

Captured (4:20) Briar Rantilla - This music video for ReBreather hurls
hundreds of images at the viewer at a rapid-fire pace. The surreal
images constantly melt and mutate as they move in every imaginable
direction across the screen. Imagine Hieronymus Bosch on amphetamines.

Made in Japan (5:00) Ciro Altabás - In this film from Spain a man tells
an elaborate an unlikely story to his girlfriend in an attempt to get
out of trouble. This film was awarded Best Aragon Short Film at Festival
Nacional De Cine Jovenes Realizadores Ciudad De Zargoza (Spain).

But Some Are Brave (5:21) Grace Channer - This stunning film took Grace
15 years to complete. She describes it as a “five minute poetic
chronicle (that) uses an oil paint on glass animation technique. It
introduces iconic characters and historic events in a flurry of
emotional and psychological rhythms.” This is a real work of art.

This is your chance to go out into the lobby and to vote for your
favorite film in the festival. A winner will be announced before the
third series of films begin.

Featured Artist: Dustin Grella
Each year we invite one filmmaker to show a collection of his or her
films. This year we chose Dustin Grella because his film won both the
Juried Award and the People’s Choice Award in our event last year. With
that kind of positive feedback, we knew that it would be a good idea to
fly Dustin in from New York City to show more of his films.
Dustin’s films are very labor intensive. He creates them by making
hundreds of meticulous chalkboard drawings, which he animates through
the magic of stop-action photography. Even though these films don’t
include any dialogue, the visuals feature hints of political statements
about war, urban decay, and other serious topics. They are also playful
and beautiful.
Dustin will screen examples of his work and will talk a bit about how
his films are made. He will also take questions from the audience.

Live Soundtracks
Each year we end our film festival by inviting musicians in to perform
live film soundtracks. The live music portion of our event has always
been very popular and it promises to be really special with the eclectic
and technically advanced music of Root Doctor’s Revenge.

Dysmorphic (12:18) Mike Hovancsek - This film is a meditation on
abstracted dance movement.

My Life with Attention Deficit Disorder (2:08) Mike Hovancsek - This is
a series of rapidly mutating images that is made up of nearly a thousand
individual pieces of original artwork. It challenges you to choose which
images you will retain. No two people will remember the same images.