Greetings Fellow Earthlings,

I just wanted to thank all the people who attended and helped out
organizing The First Annual “Who’s Your Mama?” Environmental Film
Festival. It was a fantastic celebration for Mama Earth! The Organic
Food, The Kid's Activities, The Fresh Home Brew, The Live Jazz, The Eco
Friendly Raffle, The Displays, The Sustainable Businesses, The Solar
Power Trailer, and, oh yes, the Films, all came together and provided
for an entire day of exciting festivities! I think everyone can agree
this was both a fun and educational event. I truly enjoyed collaborating
with The Portage Park District, The Kent Parks and Recreation
Department. Ravenna Parks and Recreation Department, and The Portage
Library District. It was great learning more about all the work that’s
being done for the environment here in Portage County and the
surrounding areas.

One thing we can look for next year is Outdoor Activities. Heck, we
might just block off the road!

I welcome any feedback you may have with regard to what you liked about
the festival, what you didn’t like, and what you would like to see
happen next year?

At any rate, thanks again. I hope to see you next year.

With regards to Mama,

Jeff Ingram/Executive Director
Standing Rock Cultural Arts

Images from this Event:

Standing Rock Cultural Arts, with the cooperation of The Portage Park District, The Kent Parks and Recreation , The Ravenna Parks and Recreation, The Aurora, The Brimfield and The Streetsboro Parks Departments would like to celebrate Earth Day this year by presenting the "Who's Your Mama?" Environmental Film Festival.

April 17-22nd

Headline Event - Sunday, April 22nd. 2pm-9pm at the Kent Stage 175 E. Main St., Downtown Kent.

-The 1st Annual Environmental Film Festival
-Children's Films /Activities, Cherokee Storytelling with Edwin George
-Green Films
-Local Farmers
-Locally Grown Foods catered by Totally Cooked Catering
-Alternative Energy Displays
-Home Brew Tasting
-Music: Jazz with Bob Neiderriter
-Raffle of Green Items
-A Forum for Sustainable Living
-Corresponding Art Exhibits at The Kent Stage and North Water Street Gallery featuring Akron Artist P.R. Miller

-Proceeds benefit the programs of Standing Rock Cultural Arts, a non profit art and education organization based in Kent, Ohio.

The purpose of the festival is to celebrate planet earth and bring awareness to the sustainable, ecological activities occurring in our region.


Sponsored by: The Kent Environmental Council, The Sylvia Coogan Memorial Fund, The Henry V. and Frances W. Christenson Foundation,
America's Hobby House, Dovetail Solar & Wind, Totally Cooked Catering, and The Hoppin' Frog Brewery

For a schedule of films and locations and throughout the week of April 17 -April 22, please visit

Displays for Earth Day Fest

1. Kent Natural Foods Cooperative: 330-673-2978.

2. Kent Environmental Council:

3. Portage County Recycling Center: 330-678-8808

4. Portage County Soil and Water Conservation District: 330-297-7633

5. PARTA: 330-676-670

6. Portage Park District: 330-297-7728.

7. Main Street Kent: 330-677-8000

8. Myers Motors: 330-630-3768

9. Bill Pennel: 330-325-7016

10. Haymaker Farm Market: 330-678-5748

11. Genahol: 330-264-9878

12. America¹s Hobby House: 330-678-6400

13. Kent City Tree Commission : Jim Jewel 330-606-6299

14. Dovetail Solar & Wind:

For a List of Film Descriptions, visit

Schedule of Films for Festival

April 17-20. Films at Portage County Libraries.

Family Films.

Tuesday, April 17.

Randolph 6pm-7:00pm

Thursday, April 19

Garrettsville 2:00pm-3:00pm

Friday, April 20

Streetsboro 3:30pm-4:30pm
Reed 6:30pm-8:30pm

April 19th. Films for Schools 10:00am-11:00am with Hal Walker
Banjo Frogs, Turtle Worlds, Lower Orders, Possom's Rest, Air Pollution, Termites, Snails, Ride of the Mergansers

April 21, 8pm: "The Power of Community"
-at The Unitarian Universalist Church, 228 Gougler Avenue.
-meet the filmmaker
-Free (donations accepted)

April 22, 2007 Headline Event at Kent Stage
(repeat films are highlighted)

Handle With Care*
Air pollution*
Banjo Frogs
Turtle Worlds*
Lower Orders
Possum¹s Rest
Ride of the Mergansers*
53 minutes total

2:51-3:15 Break Activities and Displays

Bee Petting
Seeds, Hope concrete
55 minutes total

4:10-4:30 Break

Project Insect
Grocery Store Wars
Village of Watermill
46 minutes total

5:30-7:00 Reception Time
Home Brew Tasting

7:00 - 8:00
Handle With Care*

Ride of Mergansers*
Air pollution*
Turtle Worlds*
Mama Earth
63 minutes

Intermission 20 min

8:20 - 9:10

Bee Petting
Winged Migration
Kilowatt Ours
56 minutes


-Portage Park District:
-Portage County Library Disrtict:
-Kent Parks and Recreation:
-Kent Environmental Council:
-Totally Cooked Inc. Catering:
-America¹s Hobby House:
-Hoppin¹ Frog Brewery:
-Dovetail Solar & Wind:
-Rootstown Organic Farm: