Music Performances for Around Town Folk Festival with the Rents (Mom and Dad from One Way Rider, local bluegrass legends) and Shiva Zoo

Friday, November 16 that the North Water Street Gallery, 257 N. Water St., Kent, OH
-The Rents from 10pm-11pm
-Shiva Zoo from 11pm-12:00 midnight

COST: Free

About the Artists


"You cant help but feel good listening to One Way Rider! Their
musicality draws you in, from their intricate and fast-paced
instrumentals, to their smooth vocal harmonies, the talent of this
family bluegrass band literally bursts from the stage. Seeing One Way
Rider live is an uplifting and unforgettable musical experience."
~ Catherine Cala, WYSU FM


"Electric Sitar, guitar, and tabla drums. The Shiva Zoo blends ancient
and the modern music. Deep tribal rhythms are overlaid with meditative
tones while the sitar forms addictive layers of trance melodies. The
artists have brought their collective love of Slow-core, Ambient, Indian
Classical, and Drum circle together to create a new musical style."
-Starwood Festival Program

From the myspace website:
We started playing about a year ago, forming of a mutual interest in
slow-core, Indian classical music, and drum circles. Our music is
spiritual, contemplative, sometimes passionate, and always unique. It is
the result of lots of experience and experimenting, and centuries of

The synthesis of sounds made possible by combining the ancient sounds of
Africa and India with the modern world of computer technology produces a
musicality of immense possibility, showing the greatness that was always
there and what also could be. We are more avant-garde than classical, if
you want indian classical music go to ravi shakar or nikhil bannerjee.
Our skills are comparable to punk musicians, when you consider that the
greatest known sitarist Nikhil Bannerjee considers himself to be "just a
student". Be sure to check us out live, because it's always better in
the moment, than through our "digital memory devices"
(recordings)...That way your good old analog brain can remember it for

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