Stephen Seifert and Jerry Rockwell - An Evening of Music for Acoustic
and Electric Mountain Dulcimers

Friday, May 9, 2008
8:00 p.m., North Water Street Gallery

$5-$10 suggested donation

Join us for an intimate evening of sounds ranging from Shakespeare's
time all the way into the 21st century, played on one of America's
old-timiest instruments.

Two of the nation's finest and most innovative mountain dulcimer players
present solos and duos influenced by Appalachian and Celtic music, jazz,
and music from off the map: Stephen Seifert (from Nashville), and Jerry
Rockwell (from Athens County, Ohio). They are currently on a U.S. tour.

Unlike most other players of this instrument, both musicians take an
improvisational approach, but from wildly different perspectives -- with
Seifert leaning somewhat into the jazz realm, and Rockwell coming from
the more variation-form driven sphere with its historical connections to
Renaissance and Baroque music.

Stephen Seifert, a student of the late David Schnaufer of Vanderbilt
University, has emerged as one of the nation's top dulcimer players.
Possessing an impeccable command of the instrument, he is a favorite at
festivals and clubs around the country and regularly performs as a
soloist with with symphony orchestras. Besides authoring a long list of
books and videos, serving as dulcimer soloist with symphonies around the
country, and organizing the world's first chromatic dulcimer festival,
he also hosts Mountain Dulcimer Folk, a live weekly podcast featuring
music and interviews with mountain dulcimer players around the world.
His repertoire includes fiddle tunes, string band music, ballads and
hymns, and classic country songs, as well as blues, jazz, Irish, and
Middle Eastern music.

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Jerry Rockwell is one of a handful of folk musicians who, since about
1970, have been national and international advocates for the mountain
dulcimer. He is an accomplished player, teacher, and custom builder of
this American folk instrument. His currently available recordings are
Favorite American Folktunes (CD with extra Roots Project tracks recorded
in 2000 featuring mostly solos on historic mountain dulcimers), and The
Blackbird and the Beggarman (CD produced by Pete Sutherland originally
for the Wizmak label in 1994). He has also written several instructional
texts for mountain dulcimer. Jerry concentrated on music theory and
composition at Ohio State University. He lives and works in the
Appalachian foothills of southeast Ohio, and regularly teaches mountain
dulcimer at workshops across the country. His most recent trip was to
Iceland, where he presented the Appalachian dulcimer alongside the
instrument's Scandinavian cousins: the Icelandic langspil and the
Norwegian langeleik.

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