Standing Rock Cultural Arts and Nonnie Swan would like to welcome
the arrival of Spring.

"Greener and Greener”…an art exhibition that celebrates planet earth.
-7th Annual Environmental Art Exhibition
-In conjunction with the 3rd Annual “Who’s Your Mama?” Earth Day and
Environmental Film Festival
-Paintings, Jewelry, Sculpture, Photographs, Crafts and more.
-To exhibit Ecological Joy in action and to promote our upcoming
"Who's Your Mama?" Earth Day and Environmental Film Festival.

Opening Reception is Saturday, April 4th, 8-10pm
-Exhibition runs through May 2.
At the North Water Street Gallery, 257 North Water Street, Downtown Kent, OH

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm. Or by appointment. 330-673-4970

Images from the Opening


Greener and Greener . . .is an invitational exhibition that speaks to
how some hold dear the valuable privilege of living on Planet Earth.

Living according to sound ecological practices allows us to do what is
our birthright: love, heal, nurture and celebrate our glorious planet Earth.

Some tenets of a life spent loving, nurturing and celebrating our planet

-Recycling /Recycling/Recycling
-Buying and transporting food and other household products in recycled
and/or nontoxic
-Organic and natural food diets and household cleaning products
-Crafting food and objects from natural products for personal use
-Growing and buying food locally
-Reveling in nature and encouraging others to do the same
-Willing wooded, wetlands, or meadow lands to local conservancies
-Loving and protecting less blessed children, the homeless and animals
-Advocating art as a sound and harmless tool for saving and changing
troubled lives
-Advocating art and craft heirloom skills as creative family entertainment
-Teaching and living ecologically sound principles as a life style
(________) Fill in the blank with what’s important to you… one step at a
-Cherishing and nurturing the diversity of sacred cultures that exalt
our connections to this world and the universe
-Considering all peoples and creatures of the earth to be extended family
-Showing by action, word, and deed what a sustainable life style really is.

Each of these tenets can be summed up by the word “green,” as expressed
by the title of this happily mixed media exhibition . . . Greener and

Artists participating in this event are:

Nonnie Swan, Garnet Byrne, James Gales, Jeanetta Ho, Amber McElreath,
Laura Barrett, Melissa Barrett, Vince Packard, Cheryl Townsend, Charlie
Yacht, Tom Pasarelli, Elaine Hulihen, Kenneth McGregor, James Vandenboom

Laura Barrett

She introduces many various art forms to children and teens in working
for Community and Family Services of Portage County. She received her
bachelor’s degree in film making from Denison University. She continues
to work in photography and acrylic painting. As a part of this
exhibition Laura is offering children and youth an opportunity to create
and display sun prints created from found objects.

Garnet Byrne

She photographed the trees and snowy path as an artistic record of Liske
family land that was bequeathed to Kent nature conservancies by Karl
Liske. She is an avid photographer and her passion is bird watching.
Garnet has been active in the Kent’s conservation and environmental
efforts for many years.

Cheryl A. Townsend

is a poet and avid photographer. She is the co-founder of the Women’s
Art Recognition Movement (W.A.R.M.) and keeps active in the local arts
scene. In her own work, she looks for the unseen, the overlooked and the
ignored to evoke an appreciation for the not-so-accepted beauty, be that
a spent bloom, a rusty slab of metal or the blur of one’s imagination.
She hopes in doing so, trash will truly become treasures and
recycling/reusing the status quo.

Vince Packard

Grew up in Akron, Ohio playing in his dad's West Exchange Street Art
Gallery. He found that really fun with shows by Peter Max and Mark
Mothersbough, and the big blow-up soft sculpture car that all the kid's
came around to jump on. Among many other experiences, some less
productive, he spent 3 fun years tattooing in San Marcos Texas at Touch
of a Feather and 3 more in “the hoppin' neighborhood of Little 5 points
in Atlanta at Urban Tribe Tattoos”.
Until recently Vince lived in Kent Ohio doing wonderful fun projects
with Jeff Ingram at Standing Rock Cultural Arts. His contributions
included kid's plays, art shows, mask workshops and puppets at the North
Water Street Gallery where Packard produced and curated art exhibitions
for six years. Packard has recently migrated to West Virginia but
continues to lend his considerable artistic efforts to North Water
Street Gallery in contributing exemplary art using natural handmade inks
to Greener and Greener…

“As my mental state declines and my idiosyncrysies won't let me operate
normally in the "real world", I open that door to my 4th eye, tattoo
puppet world to play with my tribal community. I can't work in the
corporate-sponsored academic art world with it's esoteric club of
snobbery. I'm squeezing the last of my acrylics onto dumpster-dived
trash made into alters and treasures for the earth.
Spirits of the land, the Shawnee and Wood Bison bones coming back to
life to smash the institutions that rape and ruin. It's a holy war for
our subconscious aspirations armed with cartoons and classic icons and
lusty apocalyptus trees.
If these insane delusions defeat my mortal existence, I hope the
evidence I leave will show I was serving these just and sacred spirits
the best i could.

-Vince Packard 2008

James Gayles

Is a California based artist who works in many different media. His
specialty is water color and mixed media. Art critic and curator Adam
Mikos had this to say about James’ most recent exhibition BluesMasters:
“Gayles has focused his talents on fusing sight with sound, cajoling
color and line to communicate like guitar strings and piano keys. Gayles
clearly has a special touch with watercolors. Each portrait and image in
the exhibition shows mastery over different styles of the medium. Dreamy
realism, hard-edged contours, and abstraction push and pull on
perspective. Gayles’ use of color is stunning. These are not the grainy,
black and white images many think of as representing the blues. Bright
reds, oranges, and blues catch the eye immediately and allow the lyrical
quality of the watercolors to lift off the wall.”
James Gayles has lived in Oakland, CA for over 25 years and currently
works as an Illustrator for the Bay Area Newspapers Group. He attended
Pratt Institute in New York, where he studied under renowned painters
Jacob Lawrence and Audrey Flack. He simultaneously pursued careers in
both fine and commercial art.

Jeanetta Ho

Is a sculptural artist who works with the themes of nature and the
mysteries of the goddesses, often using local natural materials. Her
twig jewelry was inspired by ancient Egyptian body adornment and her
connection to the woodlands of northern Ohio. Many of her sculptures are
referential to the power of the feminine, the cosmic nurturers, each in
her own way.
She has a BFA from the Cleveland institute of Art and has studied
additionally at Kent State University, the University of Akron,
Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College.

James Vandenboom

His presentation in Greener and Greener… includes a collection of poems
by young student poets, and paintings by Crystal Birn and ; “From the
Tree investigates our human relationship with trees.”
His predominant interest has been in the carving process involving
”looking inside, searching below the surface and breaking through to the
other side while retaining the original forms and textures that were
unique to that particular log or stone.”
He earned a BFA in Sculpture from The Cleveland Institute of Art and an
MFA in Sculpture from Kent State University. Currently his energies are
back to improving his studio practices and pursuing the opportunities
his art has to offer.

Thank you for supporting the Arts!

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