Nocturnal Journey” Photography Exhibition
-work by Thom Passarelli

Saturday, December 5, 8pm. Opening Reception.
-Exhibition runs through December 26

North Water Street Gallery, 257 N. Water St., Downtown Kent

CONTACT: 330-673-4970

Donations for Standing Rock Cultural Arts’ art and education programs
are greatly appreciated.

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm. Or by appointment. 330-673-4970.

About the Artist

Thomas Passarelli

I use photography as a way to capture moments in time. I use my lens as
a way to convey feeling and emotion by capturing the people, places, and
objects I encounter. As a photographer I an interested in my place and
time and how they relate to universal themes of the temporal, fragile,
fleeting moments, hidden growing and decaying worlds of intrinsic
beauty. Entropy and what's considered ugly or useless, I consider
unconventional beauty. The quality of light and color in my work is
imperative as it suggests the opportunity for emotive and visceral
responses. My hope is to impart a similar feeling to the people who view
my images as I had when encountering my subject. I enjoy presenting my
work in such a way as to invite interpretations, intuitions, narratives
or memories that my photographs might invoke and inspire.

My mission as a photographer is to be prepared and open to interesting
opportunities and possibilities for image making every day. When an
opportunity presents itself, I am compelled to still that moment. The
photographic medium for me is not about taking pictures as documentation
but a way to express the infinite conditions of human emotion. Days may
pass before I view my images again, but I am compelled by the same
sensations that inspired me to initially take that picture. The passing
moments of busy lives, irrelevant or remarkable inspire and move me. I
am happy to have the opportunity to share my vision of the world with you.