Film Events

The Standing Rock Cultural Arts 7th Annual International Short Film Festival
- Independent Short Films from around the world
- Featured Short Films by acclaimed filmmaker Lucas Figueroa.
- Animation, music videos, short comedy, experimental films, documentaries and more!
- Silent films with live music accompaniment!



Standing Rock Cultural Arts is pleased to announce The 7th Annual Standing Rock International Short Film Festival. Our annual celebration of the independent minded film and video artists continues with films from France, Spain, India, Israel, and the exotic Kent, Ohio. It will include animation, music videos, short comedy, experimental films, documentaries and more.

The first part of this event will feature short films from across the globe.

The second part of the festival will include a trilogy of films by last year’s Best of Fest and People’s Choice Award winner, Spanish Filmmaker, Lucas Figueroa.

The last portion of the night will feature silent films by Mike Hovancsek and Cindy Penter, which will be accompanied live by guitarist Brad Bolton!

We hope you're able to come out and enjoy the world of innovative filmmaking. This unique event promises to be an audiovisual extravaganza.

Thank you for supporting independent film!


Thank you to everyone who came out on that chilly January night to
celebrate the work of independent filmmakers from around the world. It
was a truly special evening full of remarkable visuals and amazing
music. For those who desire a little more than the standard Hollywood
fare, who appreciate films that push the envelope and test the
boundries, I don’t think anyone was disappointed. We welcome feedback
from anyone who attended. If you have any suggestions for next year,
please let us know at

And now, it gives me great pleasure to announce the winners of the
competitions. The winner of the Juried Choice, Best of Fest, was “Peace
” by Dustin Grella who currently resides in New York City and lost
his brother in 2006 in the Iraq war. This marks the 2nd time Dustin has
won the juried choice award and for anyone who hasn’t seen this profound
and relevant work, it’s a masterpiece of visual art in motion.

The People’s Choice award went to Ilana Yadav from Israel, for her sand
painting film titled, “You’ve got a Friend” set to the music of Carole
song by the same name. We congratulate Dustin and Ilana for their
excellent work!

Coming in 2nd in the People’s Choice competition was Dustin’s “Peace
”. And coming in third was Daniel Gal’s documentary of Palestinian
Children in Jerusalem, titled “Children’s Story”.

All of the films were great and we appreciate the opportunity to show
them. We had a wonderful collection of films, including animation,
documentaries, short comedy, music videos, and collages. We had films
from Spain, Canada, Israel, India, France, and all over the United States.

The event displayed an amazing array of approaches to the sound/visual
medium from the low tech to the high tech; from funny to deeply moving;
from linear to abstract. It was a real tribute to the creative spirit.

With that, we wish you well, and welcome you to submit films for next
year’s festival. December 31, 2010 is the deadline.


Mike Hovancsek/Festival Director
Jeff Ingram/Producer

Images from the Film Fesitval


This year's film and descriptions:

How to Make Friends: Christine Cegavske (:30) - This is the shortest film in the entire history of our festival. It marks the return of filmmaker and doll maker, Christine Cegavske, who impressed our audience a few years ago. This time she is back with some practical advice about making friends.

You’ve Got a Friend: Ilana Yadav (3:55) - Ilana is an overnight sensation from Israel. She makes real-time moving images with nothing more than a light table and a bit of sand. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

Allemansratten: Ron Ciarniello and Emily Parker (7:10) - While many of the films in this festival are from far-flung places like Israel and Spain, this film was shot in familiar places around Kent. It goes to show you that a person doesn’t have to travel to faraway places or own fancy equipment to make a really nice film.

Sleep Walking: Miles Kalsbach (5:00) - Here we have an abstract sketch of animated images by returning filmmaker, Miles Kalsbach. Clouds and drifty things billow and mutate to music.

Children’s Story: Daniel Gal (15:00) - This film is a documentary about children who play at the border between Israel and Jordan.

And Then She Was Gone: Jacqueline Pennewill (7:00) – This is a visually stunning and dreamlike film about sorrow, loss, and a mystical sense of hope.

Trillions: Matt Ross at Maya Designs (5:00) - Matt Ross is one of the brilliant people at Maya Designs, a company that combines design work and psychology to prepare the world for the future.

Danse Macabre: Pedro Pires (8:30) - Danse Macabre was awarded Best Canadian Film at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2009. It is a beautiful and disturbing portrait of death. Warning: This film deals with the subject of death and it includes some brief nudity, If you are offended by either, this is your opportunity to check out the consession stand.

King Crab Attack: Maud Vogel (6:50) - This film is a hilarious mock trailer for a B-movie. For some reason, the dialogue is in English, with French subtitles.

Global Warming: Sharath Shankar (1:00) - Coming to us all the way from India, this film offers a convenient truth about global warming in everyday life.

Peace Prayer: Dustin Grella (7:30) - Dustin Grella won the Audience Choice award in our festival a few years ago so we invited him back to be our featured filmmaker the following year. You would think we had had enough of Mr. Grella at that point. Not even close. “Peace Prayer” is a brilliant and emotionally evocative chalkboard animation about his brother, who died in the Iraq war. This is a serious work of art.