Special Events

Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents:
Send Off and Welcome Party for Gary Lockwood and Tina Puckett
-featuring the Drums of Halim El-Dabh

Saturday, August 21, 7:30pm. at the North Water Street Gallery. 257 N. Water St.

CONTACT: 330-673-4970

COST: Free and Open to the Public


It's been a wild and crazy ride but now our President and Co-Founder
Gary Lockwood has decided to move on to other adventures and resign the
position he's held since 2003 with Standing Rock Cultural Arts. I'd
like to thank Gary for the foundation he's laid for the organization and
all the skills he's lent us in our mission to build community through
the arts. He started back in the 1970's with Kent Creative Art Guild,
kept the art fires burning with Walter's Cafe on North Water Street in
the 1980's, then joined forces with myself in 2000 to start our little
non profit arts and education organization that continues to provide
quality arts programming for our community today. We'll miss his
creative spirit but are glad that he's decided to remain a consultant
for years to come...wherever his journey takes him.

As sad as it is to watch him go, we are fortunate to have appointed an
interim President, Tina Puckett, to take on the position and offer a
fresh perspective. Ms. Puckett is an accomplished poet and
photographer, has been volunteer secretary for SRCA for the past 2
years, is a mother of 2, is employed by KSU, and has already set a few
goals for us to achieve over the next several months.

Please join us as we give a rousing send off to Gary and a warm welcome
to Tina in a celebration featuring Halim El-Dabh at The North Water
Street Gallery on Saturday, August 21, 7:30pm. Free and Open to the
Public. Bring a dish or beverages to share.

Peace through the Arts!

Jeff Ingram/Executive Director
Standing Rock Cultural Arts
257 N. Water St.
Kent, OH 44240

Standing Rock Cultural Arts is a 501(c)(3) organization. We are always
looking for sponsors to help cover expenses for our art and educational
activities. Donations are tax deductible.

Checks payable to:

257 N. Water St.
Kent, OH 44240

Thank you to our current sponsors: The City of Kent, The Kent
Environmental Council, The Ohio Arts Council, The Christenson
Foundation, The Home Savings Bank, The Hall-Green Insurance Agency,
Woodsy's Music, Kent Parks and Recreation, City Bank Antiques, Wild Goat
Cafe, Taco Tantos, Rays Place, Star of The West Milling Company, Family
and Community Services of Portage County, EcoWatch Journal, Akron Life
and Leisure Magazine and the Kent Area Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you for supporting the Arts!