Graphic Novel Workshop
-Collaborative Storytelling with Illustration

One Week. July 28-August 4, 1-4pm.
-Show and Book Signing, Sunday August 9, 3pm.
- at theNorth Water Street Gallery, 257 N. Water St., Downtown Kent


MATERIALS PROVIDED: Reference Materials, Pencils Ink, Paper
MATERIALS NEEDED: Sketchpad, Student’s choice.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to Adult

MAXIMUM # of Students: 20

FEE: $30. Scholarships available for low income students.

SIGN-UP CONTACT: 330-673-4970

GOAL: To create and illustrate a graphic story (ie: comic book, graphic
novel, web novel, superhero drama...)

1. To inform students about the art and variety of illustrated creative
2. To develop and enhance the artistic skill of students.
3. To create a hard copy illustrated version of an original story (1/2
page Zine Style).
4. To develop teamwork skills.

-Day 1: Idea
-Day 2: Story Lines
-Day 3: Finish Story
-Day 4, 5, 6: Illustrations
-Day 7: Conclusion
-Sunday, August 9, 3pm: Show and Book Signing.

About the Instructor

Ally Carr

Ally Carr is a Kent State, Fine Arts senior. Her focus is illustration,
though she enjoys large sculptural objects as well. She recently
completed the intensive KSU Blossom Art Program for Printmaking and
exhibited at The KSU Main Gallery on May 30. Her past experiences with
Standing Rock Cultural Arts include exhibiting for The Dia de los
Muertos Art Exhibition, October 2008, at The North Water Street Gallery.
Additionally, she served as Art Director for the New World Children’s
Theatre 2009 production titled, "The Future is Now".

Standing Rock Cultural Arts is a 501(c)(3) organization. We are always
looking for sponsors to help cover expenses for our art and educational
activities. Donations are tax deductible.

Checks payable to:

257 N. Water St.
Kent, OH 44240

Thank you to our current sponsors: The Ohio Arts Council, The City of
Kent, The Christenson Foundation, The DuBois Family Foundation, The Home
Savings Bank, The Hall-Green Insurance Agency, Woodsy's Music, Kent
Parks and Recreation, City Bank Antiques, Taco Tantos, Ray’s Place, The
Wild Goats Cafe, Family and Community Services of Portage County, and
the Kent Area Chamber of Commerce.