Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents: “Everyday Treasures” Creative Art Workshop

-Saturday, July 11, 9am-4pm. (pack a lunch)
-Sunday, July 12, noon-5pm.
-Exhibition of Completed Works on July 18, 8pm.
at the North Water Street Gallery, 257 N. Water St., Downtown Kent

INSTRUCTOR: Michelle Pajak-Reynolds -

AGES: 10 to Adult


FEE: $20 for both days. Includes Basic Materials.

Images from the Workshop

BASIC MATERIALS: Students must bring a lunch. Digital Camera, Paper,
Glue, Glue Gun, Wheat Paste, Crayons, Tempura Paints, Craft Wire, Copper
Wire, Scissors, Wire Cutters, Pliers, Hand Tools, Safety Pins, Straight
Pins, Scrap Fabric. Students are encoraged to bring a digital camera
and/or a laptop loaded with photoshop or similar software...Students may
bring additional materials.


1. To develop digital photography skills
2. To make stronger connections to the environment and the community
3. To develop a student’s creative skills
4. To develop writing and problem solving skills in relationship to art


Everyday Treasures:

Using digital cameras, either provided by the workshop or provided by
the students, participants are encouraged to take photographs of
items/scenes in their community that are interesting, important, or
special to them. Students will be shown how to manipulate their images
with Photoshop. Students will then use those "new" images as inspiration
to create a three dimensional artwork based on the shapes, patterns,
and/or objects documented in their photographs. Students will also be
encouraged to record the story behind their images in written form. An
exhibition of the participants work will follow the workshop.

SIGN-UP: contact 330-673-4970 or 330-983-9833

Thank You to The Arts Learning Program of The Ohio Arts Council for
helping to sponsor this workshop.

About the Instructor: Michelle Pajak-Reynolds


I am a metalsmith and textile artist. I use a variety of materials and
techniques to create one of a kind jewelry. My work varies from simple
designs using lines and shapes, to complex designs with multiple layers,
textures, colors, and patterns.

My entire life has been devoted to creating jewelry. As a little girl, I
spent countless hours sitting on my bedroom floor making bracelets and
necklaces from my enormous collection of pop-beads. My childhood
creations adorned my dolls and my playmates. My life-long fascination
with adornment propels my work and assists me in creating jewelry that
explores preciousness, beauty, pattern, and identity.

In 2001, I earned a BFA in jewelry, metals, and enameling from Kent
State University. Since completing my baccalaureate studies, I have
exhibited my work in galleries and museums throughout the United States.
My pieces have also been featured in numerous publications including,
500 Pendants and Lockets, Art Jewelry Today, Art Jewelry Today 2, and
Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine. In 2008, my work became a part of
the educational collection at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in
Portland, Oregon.

In addition to my studio practice, I am also a teaching artist. I have
taught art workshops at several institutions including, Akron Art
Museum, Art House Inc, Standing Rock Cultural Arts, TAP Studios/Gallery
M, and Ursuline College. Since 2004, I have been involved with the Ohio
Arts Council-Arts Learning Program. This program facilitates residency
art projects in collaboration with education and community settings

-Michelle Pajak-Reynolds

Standing Rock Cultural Arts is a 501(c)(3) organization. We are always
looking for sponsors to help cover expenses for our art and educational
activities. Donations are tax deductible.

Checks payable to:

257 N. Water St.
Kent, OH 44240

Thank you to our current sponsors: The Ohio Arts Council, The City of
Kent, The Christenson Foundation, The Home Savings Bank, The Hall-Green
Insurance Agency, Woodsy's Music, Kent Parks and Recreation, City Bank
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