Mural Projects

WHO: Standing Rock Cultural Arts is pleased to announce

WHAT: Mural Created at new pizzeria in Stow
-Commissioned by New York to Chicago Pizzeria
-set to open February 14 in The Stow Kent Plaza

WHERE: 4320-1 Kent Rd. in Stow Kent Plaza - Just behind Applebee’s



In 2005, Local Cherokee artist Edwin George created a painting that was
turned into our first public art mural in downtown Kent on the side of the
building that now serves as Scribble's Café, 237 N. Water St.

Now SRCA is expanding on more opportunities to beautify the community with
additional murals in public spaces.

Standing Rock Cultural Arts was approached to create a 30’ wide by 6.5’
tall mural on the south interior wall of the new New York to Chicago Pizzeria in
The Stow Kent Plaza.

With the help of 5 lead artists and a host of volunteers, the mural was
completed in December. We invite the public to visit this new pizzeria,
order some pizza and enjoy the view.

Lead artists included Johnny Calani (pizzeria co-owner), James Cage,
Cynthia Lynn, David Jerome Bragg, and Rebecca Chou. Volunteers included
Nancy Long, Jeff St. Clair, Elaine Hullihen, and Dave Kiss.