Standing Rock Cultural Arts and New World Children's Theatre (NWCT) present:
-with the kind support of The DuBois Family Foundation and The Wild Goats Cafe

"Through the Onion Patch”, (When People Learn to Drive)
-This theatrical production is the culmination of the New World Children's Theatre Playwriting Workshop that took place Saturday, January 8, 2011-May 2011 at the North Water Street Gallery, Kent, OH.

Friday-Sunday, May 20-22
-Friday and Saturday performances at 7:30 PM
-Sunday performance at 3:00 PM

The African Community Theatre, Terrace Drive, Oscar Ritchie Hall, Kent State University Main Campus

Images from the Performances by Tina Puckett


Photo Credit: Dave Labelle




This year’s play is a Sequel to last year’s play titled, “Through The Onion Patch” (When People Fall Through Holes)


A brother and sister, Lila and Sam (Gooner), are living in a small town in Ohio and enjoying a walk in the park with their mother when they come across artist, Leona DaVinci, who is having a painting sale. It’s Lila’s birthday and her mother offers to buy her one of Leona’s paintings that depicts a Fairyland.

That evening, as Lila attempts to cast a spell on her ice cream in order to change it from strawberry to chocolate, Gooner arrives dressed as a pirate and demands the ice cream. A struggle ensues and the ice cream is knocked under Lila’s bed. As they go to search for it, they both disappear into a trap door that they discover. They end up at a Fairy Princess’s wedding in Fairyland. The landscape resembles the painting that Lila received as a gift that day. The adventure begins as Lila and Gooner appear in Fairyland , are chased by an Evil Vampire, and must find a way back home through the Onion Patch.


Fast forward to this year’s play where Lila is now a 16 year old learning to drive. Her father is in the passenger seat and her brother Gooner is in the back seat, playing his DS machine. Sure enough Lila is swerving all over the road and she is pulled over by the police. Before the cop has a chance to approach the car, however Lila has abandoned the wheel and jumped into the back seat to hide under a blanket. Dad quickly takes over the wheel and is issued a ticket for erratic driving. When Dad goes to protest the ticket, he looks in the back seat, but lo and behold, Lila and Gooner are gone! In fact, they have disappeared into a Pirate DS Game that Gooner has been playing.

Soon after, Lila and Gooner appear on a Pirate Ship in the heat of a battle in the middle of The Carribean Sea. Fighting off good pirates and bad pirates, skeletons with spears, a shark named Bob, and a host of animals who want to put them in a Human Zoo, Lila and Gooner must find the Nine Magical Books that hold the secret to transporting them back to their own time and place. The evil Rapper “X” has other ideas.

Will Lila and Gooner make it safely back home? Will Sarah the Leopard help them escape from the Human Zoo? Will they be captured and thrown into the Liar’s Den for pretending to be animals? Will they be forced to be slaves for Rapper “X” and work as Maids and House Cleaners in his Golden Recording Studio?

Find out the answers May 20, 21, and 22nd at The African Community Theatre in Oscar Ritchie Hall on Terrace Drive, KSU Main Campus.

Caution, you may not be able to subdue your laughter during this adventure into The New World Children’s Theatre!

Hope you can make it!

Our programming at Standing Rock Cultural Arts involves many activities for children including The New World Children’s Theatre in its 25th production. The New World Children’s Theatre program is comprised of up to 20 children, 7-17, who are involved in writing, acting, designing, and promoting an original theatrical production.

History of New World Children’s Theatre: 1993-2011

The New World Children’s Theater began as The New World Puppet Theater at the North Water Street Gallery in Kent, Ohio, in January of 1993. Originally, it was comprised of home-school children. Throughout the years, however, it has grown to include public-schooled children as well.

Eventually, the troupe outgrew the puppets and the ensemble became The New World Children’s Theater, which has produced 24 plays since 1994. In addition to the emphasis on original playwriting, the company is dedicated to using recycled materials in the construction of its sets and props. This fosters an understanding of a sustainable planet as well as an understanding of how to work with limited resources. The only requirement is an active imagination.

The New World Children’s Theatre always welcomes donations to support students in need, as well as our ongoing activities. Donations are tax deductible and can be made to: Standing Rock Cultural Arts (SRCA), 257 N Water St, Kent Ohio 44240.

Thank you for supporting the Arts and Creative Opportunities for Kids!

New World Children’s Theatre
Standing Rock Cultural Arts
257 N Water St
Kent OH 44240


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