Thank you to all who came out to view our 10th Annual Standing Rock International Short Film Festival! We drew a good crowd of fully engaged, enthusiastic people who laughed and applauded throughout. As for the winning films, we had so many wonderful films it was much harder this year than ever to pick out favorites. Here is how it added up:

Our Juried Choice Award went to "Luminaris" by Juan Pablo Zaramella of Argentina. He will be receiving a certificate from us, documenting his award.

Our Audience Choice Award went to "Destiny" by Fabien Weibel, Sandrine Wurster, Victor Debatisse, and Manuel Alligne of France. They will be receiving a check from us for winning that award soon.

We also had a second place., "Catnip: Egress to Oblivion", and third place, "Metro" (Audience Choice Award). Unfortunately, we don't have funds to give a cash prize for second and third place but we do want to let the filmmakers know that their films received a lot of votes from our audience.

Whether or not any films won awards, they were all really outstanding. This was the best line-up of films we've ever shown. We offer congratulations to all the outstanding filmmakers who were selected to be screened this year.

We also received an offer to show the film fest at Calvin College in Michigan. We are exploring this possibility to see if it is worth pursuing.

Thanks again to all who lent their time and talent to the event. Feel free to send comments and feedback to and we will incorporate them into planning next year's event.


Mike Hovancsek/Director
Jeff Ingram/Producer
Standing Rock International Short Film Festival

The 10th Annual Standing Rock International Short Film/Video Festival
- Independent Short Films from around the world!
- Animation, music videos, short comedy, experimental films, documentaries and more!
- Silent films with live music accompaniment!
- Featured Filmmaker Anders Jedenfors, who won last year’s competition with his insightful animation “The World According to John” will have 4 films screened

SATURDAY, JANUARY 26TH, 2013 at 8:00PM


Standing Rock Cultural Arts is pleased to announce The 10th Annual Standing Rock International Short Film Festival. This popular annual event becomes even bigger this year with films from as far away as France, Argentina, and Japan and from as close as Kent, Ohio. It will include animation, music videos, short comedy, experimental films, documentaries and more.
The first part of this event will feature short films from around the world. The second part will be made up of films by last year’s People’s Choice winners Jamie Stone and Anders Jedenfors. The last portion of the night will feature silent films by Dustin Grella and Mike Hovancsek which will be accompanied live on stage by Mike Hovancsek (koto, balafon), Joe Culley(tabla) and Samuel Salsbury (violin)!
Here is a sampling of some of the films we will be showing this year:

1. Metro 4:45
Jacob Wyatt (USA)
A smallish movie about a girl and a fox.

2. Amphitrite 1:26
Damien Krisl (Switzerland)
Director Damien Krisl had the creative vision to visualize a deity. Beauty, weightlessness, mystery and art were key aspects of the concept. The objective was to mix the elements of fire and water.

3. Destiny 5:26
Fabien Weibel, Sandrine Wurster, Victor Debatisse and Manuel Alligné

4. Little Kaiju 4:09
Jonathan and Josh Baker (Japan)
The whimsical journey of a mysterious vending machine dwelling creature who
explores the shadowy corners of Tokyo after dark. Kaiju is a Japanese word that means "strange beast," but often translated in English as "monster".

5. Cayce Zavaglia: Portrait and Process 4:02
Zfilm (USA)
ZFilm presents a studio visit with St.Louis based figurative artist Cayce Zavaglia.

6. Things You’d Better Not Mix Up 2:11
Joost Lieuwma (Amsterdam)
An animated short by Joost Lieuwma.

7. Luminaris
Juan Pablo aramella (Argentina)
In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.

8. Catnip: Egress to Oblivion? 6:58
Jason Willis (USA)
Catnip is all the rage with today's modern feline, but do we really understand it?

Featured Filmmakers, Jamie Stone and Anders Jedenfors (England)

Silent Films:

1. Glimpse 7:24
Dustin Grella (USA)
This film is a frame-by-frame, hand drawn, chalk board animation, with live
musical accompaniment by Mike Hovancsek, Joe Culley, and Samuel Salsbury.

2. Decade 6:18
Mike Hovancsek (USA)
This piece is a collage of works the filmmaker created for the last ten
years of The Standing Rock International Short Film Festival, with live musical accompaniment by Mike Hovancsek, Joe Culley, and Samuel Salsbury.

We hope you're able to come out and enjoy the world of innovative
filmmaking. This unique event promises to be an audiovisual extravaganza.

Thank you for supporting independent film!