Standing Rock Cultural Arts in partnership with The Hard Trash Theatre.

"Tarot Cabaret"
-An original Musical Theatre Performance
-Written by Leroy Guignol
-Directed by Jeff St. Clair
-Music by Bryan Thomas

-CLICK HERE for tickets!

October 31- November 22, 2014 (Secret Cellar)
-Friday, October 31, 7pm
-Saturday, November 1, 7pm
-Thursday, November 6, 7pm
-Friday, November 7, 7pm
-Saturday, November 8, 7pm

Friday, November 14, 8pm  (North Water Street Gallery)
Saturday, November 15, 8pm
Friday, November 21, 8pm
Saturday, November 22, 8pm

-The Secret Cellar, 176 E. Main St., Kent (October 31-November 8)
-The NEW North Water Street Gallery, 257 N. Water St., Kent (November 14-22)

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DESCRIPTION:    A soldier returns from the front lines and walks into a bar.   What was to be a simple decision to grab a beer turns out to be a fool's journey toward wisdom.   In TAROT Cabaret, all choices have consequences. Death, The Devil, The High Priestess, and others from ancient Tarot vie for the soul of an unlucky Fool caught in theatrical purgatory. Redemption, torture, and true love shape the Fool's journey to judgement; told through snappy musical numbers. TAROT Cabaret slices through questions of Fate to reveal the heart of Destiny. Experience TAROT Cabaret on Main Street, Kent Ohio; opening Halloween night!

Fool:  Seth Hale
Lover:  Julia Kate Devis
Medium:  Carolyn Getson
Magician Emcee:  Jackson Sturkey
Devil Faith Devine:  Kelly Ferry
Emperor:  Maurice Drake

Rotating Musicians:
Bass:  Bryan Thomas
Guitar: Jeremy Poperad
Clarinet:  Brad Wagner
Alto Sax: Jessica Stover
Bass: Parry Lopez
Guitar: John Mosey

Art Director:  Heidi Horvath


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