Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

“Little Elk Speaks”
-Work by Frank “Little Elk” Running
--Dreamcatchers, Elk Hide Vests, Shields, Beadwork, Moccasins, Walking Sticks, and Paintings

The North Water Street Gallery. 300 N. Water St, Suite H. Kent, OH

Saturday, February 21,  7-9pm.  2015.  Opening Reception.
-Live Native Flute Music by Cliff Snyder
-Exhibit runs through March 28

CONTACT: 330-673-4970

Artist Bio:
Raised on the Lakota Rosebud Reservation in Rosebud, South Dakota. Shares lineage with Henry Crow Dog, Spotted Tail, Crazy Horse, and Hollow Horn Bear of The Lakota Sioux Nation.  Moved to Beechwood, Ohio in 1992.  First exhibition of work was at The North Water Street Gallery in 1999.  He currently lives in Kent and holds regular sweat lodge meetings.  Anyone interested in participating in a sweat lodge, please contact Little Elk at 330-554-2536.

Artist Statement:
This work represents traditional Lakota Sioux art as taught by my grandfather Henry Crow Dog.  He told me I could use this work as a lifeline on my journey on Turtle Island.  It's important for me to exhibit this work so as to carry on my people's traditions now and for future generations.  There is a spiritual quality in the colors, variations, animal hides, and bead work that I feel connects this world to the world beyond.

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm
-or by appointment at 330-673-4970.

Images from the Opening


Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

-Work by Danielle Flowers

The North Water Street Gallery. 300 N. Water St, Suite H. Kent, OH

Saturday, January 3rd, 7-9pm. 2015. Opening Reception.
-Live Painting! Creative Activities for All Ages! Refreshments!
-Live Music by Darius Carter
-Exhibit runs through February 14

Danielle Flowers Artist Statement,

Creating art is how I release my innermost thoughts and emotions. I truly believe in making the world a better place and I do so by proceeding to be vulnerable and intimate with my art to inspire others to choose love over all, while being sustainable; turning trash into treasure, and nothing into something. I start my process by researching topics that interest me, from my African ancestry, music, documentaries, historical theories and drawing from life experiences. Then I go with the topic that I am most passionate about or inspired by and combine information into one piece. In most cases I choose colors and symbolism intuitively to communicate or to evoke emotion. The materials I use can play as a platform to bring emphasis to the message painted.

My goal is to inspire and unify people by sharing my story of striving over adversaries. I constantly challenge myself into progressive levels of portraits on small materials and thinking outside of the traditional canvas.

Thank you in advance.

Peace; Power,
Danielle Flowers

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm
-or by appointment at 330-673-4970.



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