12th Annual Standing Rock International Short Film Festival
Independent Short Films from around the world!
Animation, music videos, short comedy, experimental films, documentaries and more!
Silent films with live music accompaniment!

SATURDAY, JANUARY 24TH, 2015 at 8:00PM

Event Wrap Up


Thank you to all who braved the on icy weather last Saturday night at the Kent Stage for our 12th Annual International Shorts Festival.  It was a great success, both in terms of audience numbers and enthusiasm as well as providing our local community with a spectacle of global proportions!  From Paris to Moscow to Japan, a creative and collective spirit arose in our community, filling the hearts of young and old with a joy and sorrow that only big screen cinema can reveal.  Many of those who attended said it was the best festival yet, and all said it was an extremely difficult competition to score.

Jeff Ingram/Producer
Cindy Penter/Director
Randy Roberts/Sound

Having said that, every entry was a winner just by being shown at the festival.  Congratulations to all the visual artists who presented their work on Saturday night.  You made for an exciting event on a wintry evening in Kent.

I applaud all the creative works submitted...but still...there were a few that stood out from the crowd.  It gives me great to pleasure to announce the winners of The People's Choice and Juried Choice Awards.


(The audience voted at the intermission for a favorite out of the 14 films in the competition)

1.  Lila by Carlos Lascano.  Argentina.
2.  Mipso in Japan by Jon Kasbe.  North Carolina.
3.  My Mum is an Aeroplane by  Yulya Aronova.  Moscow.

(Jurors who teach film and video chose this award according to three criteria:  Originality, Cultural Significance, and Technical Expertise.)

1.  Mipso in Japan by Jon Kasbe.  North Carolina.
2.  This is It by Alexander Engel.  Brooklyn, NY.
3.  Fallout Brain by Mary Platz Hughes.  Kent.

Thank you again to all who came out to support the festival.  See you next year!

Jeff Ingram/Producer
Standing Rock International Shorts Festival
Standing Rock Cultural Arts
300 N. Water St., Suite H
Kent, OH  44240

Standing Rock Cultural Arts is pleased to announce The 12th Annual Standing Rock International Short Film Festival.  This popular annual event will feature films from as far away as Paris and Moscow and from as close as Kent, Ohio.  It will include Animation, music videos, short comedy, experimental films, documentaries and more.
The first part of this event will feature short films from around the world.  The second part will be made up of films by the very creative and humorous Eric Kissack.  Eric won last year's People's Choice award for his hilarious short titled, “Blessing in Disguise” which will be screened again this year in addition to his mock western short titled “The Gunfighter”.
The last portion of the night will feature local music videos and a silent film by Cindy Penter titled “Flower Power”.  Live music by sitarist Ritchie Kindler will accompany Cindy's film.

This year's FILMS:

THIS IS IT by Alexander Engel. Brooklyn, NY. 2:56

Two college kids. First apartment. Shit gets real. Fast.



MY MUM IS AN AEROPLANE by Yulya Aronova. Moscow. 6:46

Different people have different mothers, but in this storybook-like film, one boy's mother flies above

the rest!



PIVOT by Louis Morton. Los Angeles. 2:49

In this official music video for Katie Gately (A 3-minute edit from a 14-minute track), soaring vocals

create new organic life. ‘Pivot’ was made using 2,000 drawings, a few dozen branches, 2 lights and one




MIPSO IN JAPAN by Jon Kasbe. North Carolina. 15:36

Bluegrass makes waves in Japan with the band Mipso.



A NICE CUP OF TEA by Kyle Predki. Boston. 1:06

An essay on making tea. From an essay by George Orwell.



LE SON DES FLAMMES by Vincent Gibaud. Paris. 3:48

An old Kora player purifies a sick forest through his music. Music by Yann Tambour and

Boubacar Cissokho



INNER HALLS by Kestrel Uyeda. California, 0:10

A silly horror piece about the spirit of Christmas within each of us. Santa as well.



CHECKLIST by Dave Norman. Portland, Oregon. 5:52

Trevor DuMonde crashes only to awake and meet a Mysterious Man who gives him one final choice.

This film won a Best Actor award for former Kentite Spo Gibbons.



FALLOUT BRAIN by Mary Platz Hughes. Kent, OH 1:20

Cognitive Dissonance created by years of watching cathode ray television. One in a series.



THE WAITING GAME by Maria Alvarez. Beechwood. 4:59

An uninspired writer learns a lesson in life, love, and acceptance after the death of her grandmother.



LOST CUBERT by Jim Schmidt, Felix Fischer, Carolin Schramm. Germany. 4:27

Cubert’s life is determined by work. His quest for an exit leads him deep into a labyrinth of monotony

– and to the bounds of his sanity.



GOLF “ALL-IN-ALL” by Arnaud Deroudilhe & Dessil Basmadjian. Paris. 3:38

Adam and Eve meet Suburbia. The official music video for the band Golf.



RUSSIAN ROULETTE by Ben Aston. London. 5:17

London seems a little less lonely when Lucy meets a libidinous cosmonaut on



LILA by Carlos Lascano. Argentina and Spain. 9:00

Armed with her sketchbook, Lila walks off to the world, convinced that she has the power to

make it a better place. Lila draws the lines that fill up the magic lost by those around her.



Eric Kissack spent 10 years working as a feature film editor in New York and Los Angeles. He had the pleasure of cutting funny films such as “Role Models”, “Brüno“, “Cedar Rapids”, “The Dictator” and "Horrible Bosses 2".

In 2012 he directed his first feature,“Love, Sex & Missed Connections”, an independent comedy that has won a dozen festival awards including Best Narrative Feature at the Cleveland International Film Festival, Best Comedy at the Woods Hole Film Festival and the Special Jury Award for First Time Filmmaker at the Traverse City Film Festival. In 2013, his short film “Blessing in Disguise” premiered at the Palm Springs Short Fest and went on to win several awards on the festival circuit.

His most recent short film, "The Gunfighter", has won several awards including the Audience Award for Best Short at the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival. He is now hooked on directing and not looking back.

A short film about finding love when you least expect it. This film was last year's Standing Rock International Short Film Festival People's Choice Award Winner.


In the tradition of classic westerns, a narrator sets up the story of a lone gunslinger who walks into a saloon. However, the people in this saloon can hear the narrator and the narrator may just be a little bit bloodthirsty.



RED LIGHT by Jerry Mann. 3:53
In this whacked out green screen extravaganza, the Americana band Hey Mavis sings and plays theirheart out as they powerslide around Cleveland and environs in a 1955 International Harvester.  2010.


THE PERFECT NIGHTMARE by Jodeci Stewart.  3:55A music and dance video produced by the 9th period photography class of CSA under the instruction ofC.Penter, visiting artist in videography.


I WANNA BE YOUR ZOMBIE by Jeff Morrison.  2:58
Music written by Slackeye Slim and performed by Beaner Nix & Sweet Willie C. 2010.


DON'T IT LEAVE YOU LONELY by Matt Bartell.  4:21
A music video about doubt, alienation and a search for belonging.


LOVE WE GIVE by Jerry Mann.  3:50
This music video of a song by American band Hey Mavis explores the yearning to find love before its too late. . Edited by Jerry Mann and Meagan Lawton. 2015.


BALLAD by Lauren Voss.  3:25
Ballad is a music video for the band Chief Bromide. The music video was created from the footage of twoseparate waltzing flash mobs that occurred in the summer of 2010.


FLOWER POWER: A TRIP BACK IN TIME by Cindy Penter.  5:30
Live music by Richie Kindler on Sitar and Cliff Snyder on Flute.
Looking back on hippy days with fond memories of “Be-Ins” at University Circle and the Coventry scene.Originally shot for the exhibition Flower Power at Maria Neil Art Project, “with a little help from my friends.”






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