Standing Rock Cultural Arts and The New World Children's Theatre present

"Gone Bananas"

-An Original Two Act Play written by the students of The New World Children's Theatre
-A World Premiere!

May 20-22, 2016
-Friday, May 20. 7:30pm
-Saturday, May 21. 7:30pm
-Sunday, May 22. 3:00pm

African Community Theatre, Terrace Drive. KSU Main Campus
-Oscar Ritchie Hall at KSU, Kent, OH

ADMISSION: $5 General. $3 Students/Seniors.

MORE INFO: 330-673-4970

"Gone Bananas"

PLOT:   Cincinnati.  1955.  A Diner run by a guy named Jason, aka Kelobi John.  Jason makes the best Banana Splits in town and everyone knows it.  The trouble is that bananas are going extinct because of a banana fungus.  Fast forward to 500 years in the future where Titch, the self proclaimed Queen of England, is paying top dollar to Tomorrowland Enterprises for a ride in a Time Machine to take her back to Cincinnati so she can indulge herself in the last banana split on earth.  But she's not alone.  There are others who want to get a hold of the last banana.  Some want the banana seeds to sell on Wall Street to the highest Bidder. Some want them to start a new banana plantation and save the species.  And some need the Potassium to create a brand new energy source that will revolutionize time and space travel.  Who will it be?  What will they do?  How will they respond when the Genie Michelle appears to grant them one wish?  Has everyone gone bananas?

Answers await in the African Community Theatre, May 20-22.


The New World Children’s Theater began as The New World Puppet Theater at the North Water Street Gallery in Kent, Ohio, in January of 1993. Originally, it was comprised of home-school children. Throughout the years , however, it has grown to include public-schooled children as well. Eventually, the troupe outgrew the puppets and the ensemble became The New World Children’s Theater, which has produced 30 plays since 1994. In addition to the emphasis on original play writing, the company is dedicated to using recycled materials in the construction of its sets and props. This fosters an understanding of a sustainable planet as well as an understanding of how to work with limited resources. The only requirement is a creative mind.

The New World Children’s Theatre is always looking for donations to support students from low income families as well as our ongoing activities. Donations are tax deductible and can be made to Standing Rock Cultural Arts, 300 N. Water St., Suite H., Kent, Ohio 44240.

Thank you for supporting the kids.

Jeff Ingram/Director
New World Children's Theatre


The City of Kent, The Ohio Arts Council, The DuBois Family Foundation, The Kent Environmental Council, The Sylvia Coogan Memorial Fund, The  Henry V. and Frances W. Christenson Foundation, The Hometown Bank,  City Bank Antiques, Woodsy's Music, Kent Parks and Recreation,

Stormwater Department for the City of Kent, Wordsmiths Printing,  Taco Tantos, Kent Natural Foods Cooperative, EcoWatch Journal, Christopher J. Mallin, Esq., Portage Area Regional Transit Authority(PARTA), Kent State Student Environmental Society.

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