CURRENT BOARD (December 2019)

Danielle Miller
Bachelor of Art Education, 2019, Kent State University
Kent, OH  44240

Vice President:

Idris Kabir Syed
Pan-African Studies Associate Professor
Kent State University
Kent, OH  44240


Lu Ann Csernotta/Special Education Instructor
Kent, OH  44240


Bengt George
Systems Analyst. Ph.d Candidate Sociology. KSU
Kent OH  44240

Additional Board Members:

Fred Pierre
Computer Specialist, Stow Library

Christopher Dum
Assistant Professor of Sociology at Kent State University

Rae Rauluk
Art Educator


Advisory Board

Marie Bukowski
Director/School of Art, Kent State University

Kent, OH  44240

Karen Barrett
City Bank Antiques Owner

Downtown Events Coordinator
Kent, OH  44240

Luis Delbene

Kent, OH  44240

Cheryl Townsend
Arts Writer/Editor

Stow,  OH  44224

Jeff Ingram
Executive Director/SRCA  Co-Founder

Kent, OH 44240




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